“Movie” New Year’s Eve atmosphere group is in place, the movie immediately reduced 30 yuan

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Auspicious bell is about to ring, ruyi picture instantly fixed, today is New Year’s Eve, Huaxia bank credit card here to wish you a happy New Year!Wish you all a happy Year of the Tiger!All the best!At the same time, the credit card of bank of China also arranged for you the Spring Festival atmosphere group – three hesui films, together and see it ~ “watergate bridge of long jin lake” seventy-two years of reincarnation, another year zodiac tiger year, “watergate bridge of long jin lake” set in 2022 on the first day, it in the long jin lake on the basis of a comprehensive upgrade,It has a stronger story and a stronger emotion.”Even if the wound also want to do their best, seven even swear never step back!”In the cold wind of the ice and snow cellar, under the fluttering red scarves, are the back of the heroic volunteers who are saluting their motherland. The spirit of Nagatsu and the backbone of China makes people cry.This year, Wen Muye finally met the audience with his new film “Miracle Stupid Child”, which was scheduled to be released on the first day of Chinese New Year. Like “Dying to Survive”, this is a realistic film, focusing on the young people’s entrepreneurial experience in shenzhen in the new era after the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China.Tells the story of twenty years old Jing Hao (Yi Yangqianxi ornaments) alone with young sister came to Shenzhen struggle story.”It is every stupid child who creates miracles.” On New Year’s Day, let’s pay tribute to the dreamers who strive for happiness.”The Four Seas” accompanied by the youth hotel band singing, a picture of the southern island, motorway, boys and girls, blue sky fireworks slowly unfolded, this film, is still very Han han.In “four seas” in the story, it is to pass motorcycle wu Renyao (Liu Hao Ran is acted the role of) with enemy father Wu Renteng (Shen Teng is acted the role of) and the passers-by in the life series rise, these people seem to be wandering all over the world, everywhere is home, actually in the heart is deep however a firm!On New Year’s Day, let’s follow this film to explore the story of the undefeated motorcycle team.On the first day of the Lunar New Year, blockbusters are coming, and Huacai Life App will continue to offer ticket discounts for you!From now to February 6, 2022, Huaxia Bank credit card users can purchase the movie ticket of “Watergate Bridge of Changjin Lake” in the preferential ticket purchasing activity area of “Watergate Bridge of Changjin Lake” on the home page of Huaxia Life App, and enjoy a discount of 30 YUAN immediately after the order reaches 60 yuan.Limited quantity, first come first served, hurry to buy!Details of the activity are subject to the official website of Huaxia Bank credit card.