Walk around the city with Michael Kors

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Michael Kors returned to New York Fashion Week after a two-year hiatus, presenting his FALL/Winter 2022 collection on February 15, 2022 at 8pm local time.The show was also Mr. Kors’ first live evening show.”In this big show, I wanted to bring to life the life and energy of New York City nights — because I think people are hungry for that energy right now, no matter where they are.””Says Mr Kors.The show was held at Terminal 5, a landmark music venue in Manhattan, and the brand invited Grammy-winning artist Miguel to perform live. Raspberry Beret, Pineapple Skies, and other songs were upbeat and powerful, and the band’s drum beats were matched by the leaping spotlight beams.The show was filled with the vitality and dynamism of the city.In this special era, it is more important to perceive every daily moment with your heart.Michael Kors wants to use this season’s vibrant and simple American design to make people feel the colorful world boldly from the smallest clothing.Like the New York spirit of openness, jumping and adventure.In the busy daily life of the city, fashion is our companion.Without meaning, codes, and slogans, it is the movable feast itself, our armor, and our habitation.This qiu dong series with “stroll New York” is the theme, the American vogue attitude that wears extremely simple fact deducts 10 thousand kinds of possibility that gives city vogue, no matter be put outside, collect inside, conceal or evil spirit is puzzled.The daily dress that this season tie-in sex and real wear sex extremely strong does not reveal the hope that gives a kind of extraordinary and vigor.Follow the rhythm of the band and wander with your heart as you embark on a journey of energetic exploration.Minimalist design makes silhouette and neat cutting become the most eye-catching presentation.Smooth and powerful lapel coat, windbreaker, silhouette vest, jumpsuit, etc., make the sense of strength and softness in the streamlined design to get a wonderful balance.Asymmetrical design is also a highlight, allowing classic sweaters, dresses, suits and so on to highlight individual attitude in daily life.Full of details, such as slit skirt, off-the-shoulder dress, deep V-neck wool skirt and navel revealing sweater, show the power of beauty and confidence. They switch freely between formal and casual, night and day and other different scenes, releasing the free and free attitude of urban dress.The textured fabric also embodies the exclusive luxury style of MICHAEL KORS.Soft pressing of tweed coats, suits and knits is jet Set’s delicate relaxation.Environmental protection fur shows the modern model of city young woman, full of energy.Black and grey smoky tones and warm camel chocolate tones form a comfortable and natural autumn and winter palette, paired with bright fuchsia and orange, bold and dynamic, setting off a modern electric atmosphere.The sequins that brand shows originality simple sense also is this season important element.As the walking before, dazzling luster flickers on concise and unique skirt, like the stars scattered in the street, it is the bright place of metropolis night.Men’s wear also incorporates softness, strength and personality to interpret the distinctive urban male fashion.Of animal decorative pattern such as leopard grain join, added a few minutes wildness unruly for daily dress, all show individual character attitude.The line of large city handbag is extremely rich geometrical feeling, hale and simple, the natural drape of trapezoidal body side side added a few minutes clever for its again.Artificial crocodile handbag is modern, elegant and elegant, but also sexy avant-garde.The new color such as argent, bright yellow fastens bold jump, it is depressing wintry day an ornament.Practical single product square buckle wide belt leather smooth, and different single products can collide levels and sparks, for the shape into a valiant sense of strength.Environmental protection fur scarf and scarf, it is the most individual character in winter deserve to act the role of.Versatile boots full of winter breath, soft shoe body to show comfortable aesthetics.Michael Kors takes fashion back to the pulse of everyday life by focusing on pure wear itself.Fashion is not a heavy footnote, it is the natural pulse of the body and the changing breath of the city.Recall perception and vitality, free to switch different extraordinary self, walk life, crisscrosion city.Produced by: Ning Li Sherry Edited by: Chen Xixi written by: Zi Mo typeset by: Channi