Yuzhong County, Lanzhou: “Women’s strength” to fight the epidemic “half of the sky”

2022-06-26 0 By

Since the outbreak of a new round of the epidemic, Yuzhong County Xia Guanying town women’s federation heard the order and move, organize the majority of women’s federation executive committee, women volunteers actively into the prevention of “epidemic” front line, with the strength of women hold up “half the sky”.In order to minimize personnel flow and reduce the risk of the spread of the epidemic, the executive committee of xiaguanying Village Women’s Federation and women volunteers volunteered to take turns to watch the main road of the village 24 hours a day, check the “two-code” and register the temperature, and guide people to do a good job of self-protection.Women volunteers put up posters along the streets to guide the masses to delay weddings and speed up funerals.The “little loudspeaker” hardcore propaganda stopped people from visiting and chatting in groups, and used rhyming and popular phrases to publicize epidemic prevention and control measures and enhance people’s awareness of self-protection.Volunteers pay close attention to the elderly, women, children and other groups with special difficulties. On the basis of good protection, they send epidemic prevention materials to them and provide them with daily care, cleaning, hairdressing and other services on a regular basis, so as to truly “fight the epidemic together without separating love from isolation”.At the same time, they gave full play to the advantages of women’s federations and women comrades, and cooperated with the village to do a good job in the survey and platoon of people coming to and returning from yu in medium-high risk areas. They carried out disinfection operations three times a day in key areas under their jurisdiction, organized the people under their jurisdiction to carry out large-scale nucleic acid testing, and in accordance with the principle of territorial management,Cooperate with the village to inspect the implementation of epidemic prevention and control measures in shops, enterprises and express delivery centers along the street.The “Guomei Points Supermarket” will be used as a powerful tool to promote epidemic prevention and control, and reward the volunteers and the public who have high participation in epidemic prevention and control, make great contributions, actively donate money and materials, and drive good results.Villagers who do not cooperate with the epidemic prevention work, do not wear masks or gather in groups to chat will be notified in the village and their points will be deducted.Through the “plus or minus” of the points, the enthusiasm of villagers to participate in epidemic prevention and control is stimulated and mobilized, and a good fashion of everyone participating in epidemic prevention and control is formed, and every family is unwilling to lag behind, striving for excellence and jointly fighting against the epidemic is formed.”The epidemic is ahead, we are moving forward, the epidemic will not retreat, we will not retreat!”That’s what they say, that’s what they do.Since the outbreak of the epidemic, the town has organized more than 370 women volunteers to join the volunteer service team for epidemic prevention and control.Riverrun News correspondent Zhu Chunyan reporter Liang Xia Lin