178 campus canteens in Xian ‘an undergo physical examination

2022-06-27 0 By

Xiangcheng Metropolis Daily news (Reporter Zhou Yang correspondent Zhang Hekai Liu Qian) From February 16 to 17, The Market supervision administration of Xian ‘an District carried out food safety inspection on the dining halls of 178 primary schools and kindergartens in the district, escorting the first meal of the school year.The bureau of 69 primary schools, 109 kindergarten canteen food safety inspection coverage.Whether the key to the employees hold a valid health card mount guard, school canteen raw materials procurement parameter whether truthfully record the names of the food raw materials and related products, specification, quantity, date of production, such as information, whether to obtain the business license of the supplier, license certificate of factory inspection, food and food additives, supplier stamp or signature of the bill,Whether there is food beyond the shelf life, whether the environmental hygiene of the warehouse, rough processing room, cutting room, cooking room, meal preparation room, pastry room, washing room and other places is clean and tidy, whether the “four prevention facilities” are equipped in place, whether the school canteen is operated strictly in accordance with the requirements of the “Food Service Food Safety Operation Code”,Whether the bulk of the purchase of food and vegetables meet food safety standards and other eight aspects of inspection.The inspection of a total of 360 law enforcement personnel, inspection 178 schools, kindergartens canteens.From the inspection situation, some schools, kindergarten canteen environmental sanitation, “four prevention” facilities, certification and ticket demand problems.The law enforcement officers of the bureau urged schools and kindergartens with problems to ensure food safety for teachers and students.Haman district the relevant person in charge of market supervision and administration, said the next step, the bureau will have on the problems of the school, nursery school dining room to begin to look back, to further strengthen the food safety apanage management responsibility, schools, kindergartens regulatory responsibility main body responsibility, grassroots market supervision, to ensure food safety between teachers and students, schools and kindergartensEnsure the district schools, kindergartens food safety “zero accidents” occur.