Naruto: why did didalla lose to Sasuke?Is it a plot?

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Shortly after Sasuke kills Oshimaru, sasuke plans to seek revenge on the weasel, but before doing so, he encounters another troublesome enemy, Deidala.But Didara and Sasuke can be said to be past no injustice, no hatred recently, then why Didara to Sasuke?It’s simply because Sasuke killed The snake maru, not because Dedara wanted revenge, but because the snake maru was dedara’s target, and now That Sasuke solved it, Dedara was upset, so he went to Sasuke.But this battle ended with Didalla dead and Sasuke seriously wounded.It is reasonable to say that Didalla has been famous for a long time in the ninjas.Being a member of the Dawn organization, capturing The Wind Shadow I Allo, capturing the Wild Three Tails, etc., Didalla has already proven his skills.Sasuke hasn’t really shown his strength up to now, but I didn’t expect sasuke to beat Didalla.Is this really not a plot kill?Now Sasuke has not even opened the kaleidoscope of writing wheels, just three writing wheels.All of the clay explosions That Didara did in the beginning of the fight were seen through by Sasuke, and the point was that His blink was too fast for Didara to dodge.In the future, Even though Didara buried a lot of mines on the ground, it is important to know that Redun restrays earth dun. Didara’s bombs are made of clay, so Sasuke’s Redun can completely make the bombs ineffective.Didalla’s key advantage is being able to fly, but Sasuke’s incantated wings allow him to stay even if he can’t fly.Didara riding the dragon fly in the air, sasuke use grass pheasant sword inserted in the ground, stepped on the above with thousands of bird gun directly killed a dragon wings, then use the wind demon hand sword didara nail in the dragon, intend to kill its own mines, but Didara broke free, finally riding the birds fly.Behind D dalla is the use of C4 carlou, watching Sasuke dissipated, originally was cheering d dalla was hit from behind by Sasuke, the original D dalla in the illusion.But Dedara was well prepared for his defeat at the hands of a ferret, and this was only a clay doper of Dedara.Didalla then detonates the C4 in Sasuke, this time watching Sasuke dissipate, Didalla thought he really won.But the results this time is still illusion, zuo Suke would have eliminated the bomb in his body, he would have known that Lei Dun restraint earth dun, two people fell to the ground, two people’s chakra are little left.But Didalla looked at Sasuke, and then he made his final move — he blew himself up.And Sasuke did not die, but heard of the reverse seance in the body of ten thousand snakes, survived.This battle really has a bit of plot killing in it, but “script killing” is more appropriate.At this time Sasuke just came out, there is no specific battle, the fans do not know sasuke strength, so there needs to be a battle to reflect sasuke strength, after all, is a climax of the story of the stoat versus Sasuke.It would be appropriate for the character of Didalla to fight Sasuke.Sasuke restrains Didara in almost all aspects, including the writing of cyclopean hallucinations and the use of raidun.It’s not so surprising to win.So there’s a little bit of a plot behind Sasuke’s victory over Didalla.