The Pentium T99, a Chinese SUV, landed safely

2022-06-27 0 By

With the improvement of life quality, it has become a choice for many young people to have their own car to drive home.So what kind of car can achieve a steady landing, not to step on the pit?Take a look at the Pentium T99, a domestic SUV priced around 150,000 yuan.What features of a car do you care about the most?I believe that many people will be the first choice of safety performance.Indeed, health, safety became this era worthy of the flagship song.To improve users’ happiness, the Pentium T99 uses the L2.5 level intelligent driver assistance system.This system includes: lane departure warning system (LDW), front collision avoidance warning system (FCW), automatic emergency braking system (AEB), rear side warning (blind zone warning) and more than 10 intelligent driving technologies.Let drivers and passengers enjoy a more secure ride experience.Of course, for young people, in addition to the safety of driving, a core model of intelligent technology configuration must not be less.The Pentium T99 caters to consumers’ needs and is equipped with Dlife 5.0 intelligent network system.This system has 6 scenes, 24 super applications, voice control recognition rate as high as 98%, not only can users at home at any time remote control, car home interconnection, in driving can also carry out AR real navigation, greatly improve the practical convenience of drivers.In addition, the function of remote car control function is also very warm for many owners, in the cold winter, before getting on the car can preheat the temperature of the car, so that you can get on the car to enjoy the warm cockpit.The pentium T99 is not only warm, it also has the air purification function of “super filter element”, and has passed the CN95 health cockpit certification of China Automotive Research Institute.The system has an 8-layer filter structure and 5 core technologies, which can effectively remove suspended particles and gaseous pollutants, effectively remove PM2.5, decompose tail gas, formaldehyde, TVOC, mildew and antibacterial.Take care of the family whenever and wherever they go, so that this winter is warm.Pentium T99 as a large five-seat model, its length reached 4.8 meters, the wheelbase did 2870mm, in such a size of the support, the overall space is very spacious.At the same time, the Pentium T99 uses a rugged, enhanced 3H construction that gives the car a more solid body.In addition to the vehicle 6 airbags, always enjoy 360 degrees of safety protection.As a hardcore SUV, the Pentium T99 is also your intelligent assistant, which can be plagued by frost and fog in the outer rearview mirror when driving outdoors in cold winter weather.As your intimate housekeeper, Pentium T99 has its own rearview mirror heating function, so that drivers can clearly observe the driving situation behind the side at any time, so that your driving safety and stride improvement.The Pentium T99 is also equipped with body stability control (ESP) to ensure optimal stability in all conditions.