The examiners identify the test questions and answer analysis

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301. Candidates should bring their admission ticket and ID card to the test room 30 minutes before the test.302. The online process of special vocational ability certificate is reported from county-level human resources and social security department to prefecture-level human resources and social security department, and then to provincial human resources and social security department for online inquiry.Correct 303. The content of proposition quality evaluation is the reliability evaluation, validity evaluation and difficulty evaluation of the test questions.Wrong (the evaluation content of proposition quality evaluation includes the evaluation of test questions and all aspects of the test paper attributes, such as reliability evaluation, validity evaluation, difficulty evaluation, distinction evaluation, equivalent evaluation, etc.) 304.The 3rd and 4th digits in the code of special vocational ability certificate are the codes of prefecture-level.Error (bits 3 and 4 are provincial codes.)305. The characteristics of the vocational skill rating system include dual filing system, territorial management, independent evaluation and acceptance of supervision.Correct 306. The evaluation plan includes the evaluation scope, evaluation criteria and evaluation schedule.Errors (scope of evaluation, evaluation criteria, evaluation work schedule and work description) 307.The detailed surface structure of theoretical knowledge evaluation elements is generally divided into three levels of evaluation scope and evaluation points.308. The operation skill assessment items generally consist of the assessment content, preparation requirements, and scoring table.309. After obtaining the social training evaluation successfully filed by the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security, the evaluation can be carried out nationwide.(Human resources and social security department successfully filed social training and evaluation organizations need to go to the provincial human resources and social security department for a second record before they can carry out the local vocational skill level identification work.)310. In the process of evaluation and scoring, three evaluators score independently and their scores are the average scores of the evaluators.311. The standard for the skill grades of workers is based on a five-level system.The main body of the vocational skill grade evaluation agency is the employer and the social training evaluation organization.313. Senior evaluation personnel shall be qualified as senior technicians or senior professional technical positions, have rich evaluation experience, and have been qualified as evaluation personnel for more than one year.314. New occupations are those not included in the Occupational Classification of the People’s Republic of China.Wrong (The new occupation refers to the occupation which is not included in the Classification of Occupations of the People’s Republic of China because there is a certain number of employees with relatively independent and mature vocational skills in the economic and social development) 315.The filing process of the Social training evaluation organization of the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security is to issue announcement, apply for filing, accept filing, technical evaluation, filing receipt and provincial filing.316. A vocational qualification certificate is only a proof that reflects the level of a worker’s professional ability.Wrong (The professional qualification certificate is the proof that reflects the professional knowledge and professional ability level of the laborer, and is the proof that the laborer enters the employment post through the professional skill appraisal) 317.China is the earliest country with the record of occupational division of labor, which can be traced back to the records of Confucian classics 2,500 years ago.318. The vocational skill rating system is characterized by a completely market-oriented activity.319. The principles for the establishment of specialized vocational competence include the occupational principle and the principle of the minimum employable skill unit.Error (the establishment principle of specialized vocational competence includes technical principle, the principle of linking with national occupation and the principle of minimum employable skill unit) 320.The code for evaluation personnel is the work criterion for evaluation personnel, which is formulated by the skill personnel evaluation agency and the binding rules and regulations prevailing in the field of skill personnel evaluation, and must be observed by all the evaluation personnel.correct