What didn’t you know until you were a boss?

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If you’re a small company and you’re looking for a steady source of business, you don’t start with employees, you start with assistants.Don’t try to start a team from the beginning.You first register a company, which is only you, when you receive the business, try to outsource or you can do it all by yourself.As business grows, add one person you can’t replace, and then add more and more as business grows.Don’t hire a lot of people if you don’t have a steady stream of revenue.Don’t be fooled by entrepreneurship theory and management lore.They only tell you how to be big. They never tell you how to go from zero to small.Don’t think too much when you start. Survive first.If you’re a tech entrepreneur, start a tech demo and sell it to cover your costs.If you are a marketer and start a business, do the turnover first and then create a brand.Don’t burn.A start-up company should not have an elegant office or a beautiful front desk. Its finance can be entrusted to a third party.Sentimental companies are very stable revenue enterprises.It’s the ex-securities that get the best treatment.Your core is to make money, make money, make money. Make money any way you can, even if it’s not the model you think it is, the model that makes money is the right model.The world has never had a business model set out from the start.Tencent started out selling software to make a small fortune.Baidu started out selling web search (in fact, the same as today’s public opinion gathering software) if you burn other people’s money, or you want to cheat money, or you have a lot of money to pay tuition, never mind.If you start a business and have $1 million, you can’t spend more than 10, 20, 000 a month without making any money.And if your model doesn’t make money for three months, you need to think about direction.After six months of no money, it has to stop.Don’t believe what successful people say about persistence.Keep in mind that Ma Huateng survived by reselling electronic products.Huawei survives by representing other people’s products.Here’s a simple calculation: You’ll only be eligible to add an employee if your company consistently makes more than $30,000 a month.The cost of the company is usually twice the salary of the employee. In other words, if you hire a person with a salary of 10,000 yuan, your profit must exceed 30,000 yuan.1, starting a company, in fact, the boss is versatile, usually do not expect employees how capable.Why would anyone want to start a business with you unless you have great resources (or charisma)?When you’re starting out, don’t expect to find great employees.Why live with you in precarious jobs when all the best people are leaving for high-paying jobs?The middle and grass-roots staff of large companies are often the most terrible and have the highest failure rate.Because they do not have the resources of big companies, but they have the habits of big companies, such as meeting too often, and they like to move the bureaucracy of old companies.3, for the boss, when deciding to start a business, you have to imagine that you have enough resources, this resource is your customer resources, product (service technology) resources.The best way is to maintain a few regular clients through SOHO, etc., and then you can find an assistant to learn about it.After the establishment of the company, a large number of hidden costs, is not open the company’s people do not know.For example, to deal with various tax procedures, as well as the office, even employee social security and so on a bunch of problems.Many of you personally think a good business model, customers may not accept.When starting, it is best not to find a partner, the partners of small companies, more than the normal company.I have been running a company for nearly 20 years. The smallest one was just me, and the most was more than 300 people