About the Spring Festival holiday travel!The latest reminder from the Ministry of Culture and Tourism

2022-06-28 0 By

The Spring Festival holiday is coming, many friends must have made travel plans.Recently, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism also issued the latest travel alert, reminding tourists to do a good job of health protection, enhance safety awareness!1. Make reasonable arrangements for travel. Learn about the latest epidemic prevention and control policies of origin and destination in advance, check the opening of tourist attractions and ticket reservation measures in advance, and make reasonable plans for travel routes and time.Try to avoid popular scenic spots and peak travel hours, and do not travel to medium and high-risk areas.Avoid going to areas that are not open to tourists and ensure personal and property safety.Encourage the purchase of accident insurance, master the necessary first aid knowledge, prepare necessary common medicines.Follow the epidemic prevention and control regulations, wear masks, wash hands frequently, gather less frequently, and develop the good habit of “one meter noodle”.Keep distance with other tourists when visiting, avoid crowding, reduce touching public parts, and do not touch mouth, nose and eyes.Cough, sneeze, pay attention to cover with elbow or tissue, do not spit everywhere.Stop visiting and seek medical advice in case of cold, fever and other symptoms.Three, enhance safety awareness of winter travel, do a good job of cold and warm work.When participating in skating, skiing, mountaineering, hiking, exploring and other activities, do what you can according to your own health condition and under the guidance of professionals. Do not do anything that may endanger the safety of yourself and others.Net red attractions, to comply with the public order and good customs and laws and regulations, not capricious, always put safety first.Four, pay attention to fire safety when entering scenic spots, museums, cultural relic protection units and other places to visit, strictly observe the fire safety management regulations.When staying in hotels and restaurants, know fire escape routes, do not throw cigarette butts, do not lie on the sofa, do not smoke on the bed.When traveling outdoors, pay attention to fire prevention and avoid disaster. Do not smoke, barbecue or use open fire in places where there are many weeds, leaves and other inflammable objects gathering or where there are fire warning.Pay attention to traffic safety. Do not carry prohibited items on public transport. Fasten your safety belt while driving.Self-drive travel to eliminate fatigue driving and drunk driving, control the speed, pay attention to prevent low temperature, rain and snow, freezing, cold wave, haze and other bad weather accident risk.Turn light “watching”, expanding remind ~ to do protection, improve safety consciousness, we gladly holidays ~ source | culture and tourism government portal website, the voice of the brigade