Foreign Ministry: Lithuania should face up to the objective facts and correct its mistakes

2022-06-28 0 By

On February 8, Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Zhao Lijian held a regular press conference.Question: It is reported that Lithuanian Foreign Minister Landzbergis is visiting Australia.In an interview ahead of the visit, he said the main topic of his visit was how Australia and Australia can help each other to cope with China’s coercion and trade sanctions.Landsberges will deliver a lecture entitled “The Rules-based World Order under Attack: The Case of Ukraine and Taiwan” at the Australian Institute of Strategic Policy Studies (ASPI) on October 10.What is China’s comment on that?Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Zhao Lijian said the rights and wrongs of neutral relations are very clear. China’s legitimate response to safeguard its own legitimate rights and interests and international justice is completely reasonable and lawful.Zhao Lijian stressed that China always acts in accordance with the WTO rules, and the so-called “China coerced Lithuania” is completely groundless.Lithuania should face up to the objective facts, correct its mistakes and come back to the right track of adhering to the One-China policy.Lithuania should stop confusing right and wrong and hyping up, let alone trying to draw other countries to join anti-China alliance.Xiaoxiang Morning News reporter Wang Tea tea comprehensive report more wonderful content, please download in the application market “morning video” client.Tips are welcome and will be paid on acceptance.Wechat: XXCBWX, 24-hour information hotline 0731-85571188.