Icbc Bayannur Branch to security exercises as a starting point to strengthen security work

2022-06-28 0 By

In order to further improve the contingency ability of icbc Bayannur Branch staff to prevent emergencies and enhance the safety awareness of employees, ICBC Bayannur Branch attaches great importance to security work. The Security Department of The Municipal Bank of Bayannur seriously organizes and arranges safety emergency drills to escort the “peak season marketing”.On the afternoon of February 17, 2022, the Security Department of the City Bank organized and planned the emergency drill of armed robbery of armored vehicles in its branches.In order to ensure the orderly and achieve actual effect, the practice work, line security agency in advance of the contingency plan a detailed interpretation of demands in personnel earnestly comprehend plans, master the drills scenario implementation method and key steps, master node in the use of the various emergency measures, the practical treats the contingency drills as a practice to remember their respective division of labor,Master the essentials of the plan, so as to achieve the expected effect of the drill.The head of the branch, the security personnel and the personnel on duty on that day participate in the drill.In the course of the drill, the drill personnel carried out the drill in an orderly manner according to the determined division of labor and established steps. From the drill preparation and emergency prevention, the drill personnel went step by step to deal with and fight with the “terrorist”, which was breathtaking, prevented the crime and tried to capture the “terrorist” resolutely and decisively.Line after the rehearsal, the city agency for the emergency drills are summarized, and pointed out that in the drill site staff, security guards and escorts, with researchers were able to actively participate in the emergency response plan practice in accordance with the requirements, cooperate with each other the tacit understanding, practice effect more lifelike, the deficiencies: individual in personnel to the division of labor is not clear, lack of appropriate for major point guard against the risk of disposal.We hope that through this exercise, we can master the ability to deal with emergencies and finish each exercise carefully in accordance with the division of labor to ensure that our property and personal safety are not harmed.Through the emergency drill, not only strengthened the safety awareness of the staff of the bank’s branches and the ability to cope with emergencies, but also tested the effectiveness of the branch’s implementation of safety precautions and the response level in the face of emergencies.