Buchang Pharmaceutical: based on TRADITIONAL Chinese medicine, research and develop and improve the big health industry chain, step by step to win

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Recently, Shandong Buchang Pharmaceutical Co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as “Buchang Pharmaceutical”) issued a notice on the acceptance of drug clinical trial by its holding subsidiary.The announcement shows that its holding subsidiary, Sichuan Luzhou Buchang Biopharmaceutical Co., LTD., has accepted the application for clinical trial of BC004 for injection by the National Medical Products Administration and received a notice of acceptance.BC004 for injection is a recombinant anti-HER2 /CD3 humanized bispecific antibody drug, which is mainly used for the treatment of HER2-positive advanced solid tumors, including HER2-positive breast cancer, gastric cancer/gastroesophageal junction adenocarcinoma, etc.At present, there are no drugs with the same target on the market at home and abroad.As of December 31, 2021, the company has invested about RMB 48.5763 million in RESEARCH and development of BC004 project.In the first three quarters of 2021, Buchang Pharma’s R&D expenditure reached 261 million yuan, ranking sixth among 18 a-share listed TCM companies.In fact, in the past three years (2018-2020), Buchang pharmaceutical research and development expenses totaled 1.519 billion yuan.For a long time, Buchang Pharmaceutical adhere to traditional Chinese medicine (including natural medicine) as the main line, based on the development strategy of traditional Chinese medicine modernization, continue to focus on the modernization of traditional Chinese medicine, modern Chinese medicine preparation, modern Chinese medicine technology and other aspects of exploration and innovation, has achieved remarkable results.From the perspective of the company’s core R&D team, the “medical expert attribute” of the founder and senior executives has played an important role in the development of the company’s Proprietary Chinese medicine.Mr. Zhao Tao, chairman of Buchang Pharmaceutical, has more than 30 years of working experience in the pharmaceutical industry, with rich medical theory and practical experience, and is the main inventor of a number of products and patented technologies of the company.Mr. Zhao Tao said at the Boao Forum for Chinese Entrepreneurs held in Boao, Hainan in December 2021:Step length pharmaceutical build a clear development strategy, namely patent proprietary Chinese medicine as the core, committed to the traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) modernization, give full play to the traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) in heart cerebrovascular a important role in the field of “a serious illness, chronic disease”, formed based on the market of heart head blood-vessel, covering the traditional advantage of proprietary Chinese medicine field, focus on major diseases, cultivating large varieties of three-dimensional development pattern.Step long pharmaceutical since its establishment, has been committed to the world pattern and vision to vigorously revitalize national brands.In the future development, Buchang Pharmaceutical will actively implement the concept of common prosperity, to be responsible, responsible, respected by the world’s Chinese enterprises!Under the leadership of the company founder and management, the step length pharmaceutical long-term adhere to independent innovation and cooperative r&d multimode simultaneously, such as research and development mode, on the basis of independent technology innovation, and vigorously carry out multi-level foreign technical cooperation, with the advantage of medicine research and development enterprise, medicine and the depth of the well-known colleges and universities cooperation, make full use of its own research and development, market, scale advantages,Vigorously promote international cooperation and technology introduction, and has made remarkable achievements in the main field.As an expert in the field of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases in China, the inventor of “Brain-heart tong”, Mr. Buchang Zhao, together with Professor Wu Haiqin and Doctor Zhao Tao, put forward the theory of “brain-heart co-treatment” and “insufficient blood supply is the source of all diseases”, which are the application and embodiment of the overall concept, health preservation and prevention principles of Traditional Chinese medicine.The theory of brain-heart co-treatment is a scientific and advanced innovative theoretical system, which is of great value in the prevention and treatment of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.At present, Buchang Pharmaceutical has successfully developed and cultivated a number of well-known exclusive varieties in the field of cardiovascular medicine, such as Naoxintong Capsule, Wenxin granule, Danhong Injection and Guhong Injection, which are widely praised by doctors and patients. The products and brands occupy a certain dominant position in the industry.In the field of Traditional Chinese medicine, buchangpharma is guided by the theory of simultaneous treatment of brain and heart, combines innovative formulations with modern pharmaceutical technology and quality control standards, and conducts pharmacodynamic, toxicological and clinical evaluation with the help of modern technology and methods. Meanwhile, it conducts in-depth research on pharmacodynamic substance basis and pharmacological mechanism, and develops a series of drugs for cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.In the long term and a large number of clinical practice, the complementary multi-target combination drug regimen has been gradually formed to strengthen the therapeutic effect.In March 2021, Xuanfei Baidu granule was approved to be listed by The State Food and Drug Administration as the exclusive variety of Buchang Pharmaceutical.Xuan lung disease and particles is member of zhang bl team in wuhan front in the process of clinical treatment, according to clinical observation summed up the effective prescription, is also the first time after the restructuring of different categories of Chinese medicine registration according to the classification of the traditional Chinese medicine registration and declaration data requirements “3.2 class is derived from the other ancient classical square compound preparation of traditional Chinese medicines” review of varieties of examination and approval.Zhang Boli once said that Xuan Fei Baidu granule is the crystallization of ancient Chinese medicine prescription and modern science and technology, which conforms to the principles of Traditional Chinese medicine and has modern scientific research evidence, and is the result of the deep integration of “traditional Chinese medicine and science and technology”.On December 3, 2021, Xuanfeibaidu granule was added into the national Medical insurance drug list in 2021 for negotiation of Chinese patent medicine.Xuanfeibaidu granules are gaining more and more recognition.On 24 December 2021, following the recommendation of Xuanfeibudu prescription for Novel Coronavirus Infection in patients with common type of pneumonia with Wet Poison Depressive lung syndrome in the Sixth, seventh, eighth and Revised Eighth editions of COVID-19 Diagnosis and Treatment Protocol,Xuanfeibaidu granule has been included in The Traditional Chinese Medicine Treatment Plan for COVID-19 in Shaanxi Province (Trial Edition 3) for the general type of COVID-19.On December 31, 2021, Step Pharmaceuticals announced that it had received a “natural health Product” license issued by Health Canada, which approved xuanfeibaidu granules in accordance with the Canadian Natural health product standards, allowing them to be marketed in Canada according to the natural health product standards.In January 2022, Xuanfeibaidu granule was included in the Prevention and Treatment Plan of COVID-19 with Traditional Chinese Medicine in Tianjin (Trial Version 6).On December 1, 2021, Shandong Buchang Pharmaceutical Co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as Buchang Pharmaceutical) (603858) issued a newly obtained patent certificate announcement.”Buchangpharma has recently obtained patent certificates of invention issued by the State Intellectual Property Office for two patents: ‘an anti-coronavirus Traditional Chinese medicine granule and its preparation method and use’ and ‘an anti-coronavirus traditional Chinese medicine composition and its use in treating inflammation’,” the announcement said.According to the semi-annual report released by Buchang Pharmaceutical in August 2021, by the time of disclosure of the semi-annual report, Buchang Pharmaceutical has 352 valid patents, covering a number of exclusive varieties of Traditional Chinese medicine.In addition, currently, Buchang pharmaceutical has more than 200 products under development, and the number of patented products is expected to further increase in the future.”Traditional Chinese medicine manufacturers need to be honest and innovative, to achieve the principle of ‘heritage is not ancient, innovation is not traditional’, to give full play to the leading role of TRADITIONAL Chinese medicine in preventing diseases, stimulate and release the potential and vitality of traditional Chinese medicine, promote the modernization and internationalization of traditional Chinese medicine, and boost the high-quality development of the industry.”Zhao chao said.In fact, in addition to cardiovascular and gynecological fields, Buchang Pharmaceutical is also expanding into other segments of Chinese medicine. In diabetes, the company has mudan granule, Tongmai Jiangtang capsule and other patent prescriptions, and in pediatrics, the company has children cold granule, children Kechuan Ling oral liquid and other products.In the digestive and urinary system, the company’s products shenmei jianwei capsule, jianwei anti-inflammatory granules, gastritis ning capsule, forefront Shutong capsule also has a good performance.With the gradual formation of buchang Pharmaceutical’s big health layout, the company’s market space will continue to expand, which will also open a new space for its growth.In the future, Buchang Pharmaceutical will continue to improve its big health strategy, build itself into a pharmaceutical enterprise with core competitiveness, continue to create value, and reward shareholders with excellent performance. At the same time, buchang Pharmaceutical will vigorously promote the brand construction of TRADITIONAL Chinese medicine and promote the introduction of traditional Chinese medicine to the world.