Jiangsu to delay retirement policy?Too many people misread it and don’t know it!

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Recently, many bloggers have mentioned that Jiangsu province will become the first province to implement a policy of delaying retirement, which has attracted a lot of attention, but is this really the case?Or is this “delaying retirement” the same thing that everyone has been concerned about?Wait, but let’s see how the bloggers’ much-vaunted policy rationale is described.The Department of Human Resources and Social Security of Jiangsu Province did issue a document named Su Ren And Social Security Regulation (2022) No. 1 on January 30, 2022, titled “Notice on Printing and Distributing the Implementation Measures of Basic Endowment Insurance for Enterprise Employees in Jiangsu Province”. Jiangsu province will officially implement the new basic endowment insurance policy for enterprise employees from March 1, 2022.This point has no problem, the time is also worthy, there is less than a month to implement the New Deal.”Jiangsu province enterprise worker basic endowment insurance implementation method” altogether 35, involved about endowment insurance aspects of the provisions, such as how to calculate pension, the transfer of individual pension account, the definition of fixed number of years as pay.The article 14 (4) mentioned “postponing retirement”, which aroused the enthusiasm of bloggers.The article reads: “Insured persons may postpone their retirement for at least one year if they apply and agree with the employer and report to the administrative department of human resources and social security for the record.”According to bloggers, Jiangsu has become the first province in China to introduce a retirement delay policy, which will take effect on March 1 this year.At the same time, some people specifically mentioned that the delay of retirement is based on years, because the original text of the “measures” has written that “the delay of retirement time is not less than one year”.Therefore, they conclude that the online chatter about delaying retirement in small steps is wrong, and that it does not take three or six months to delay retirement, but at least one year at a time.We have to admit that some bloggers have developed a strong ability to obfuscate in order to attract eyeballs.The new policy clearly says “postponing” retirement, not what bloggers interpret as “postponing” retirement. “Push” and “delay” don’t look just one word different, but they mean completely different things.Some people may feel that I am deliberately stingy words, so think of the person must not have worked in the agency experience.Every word in a government document, especially one that is important for the province, is hammered out after repeated deliberation by several layers of leaders.There is a world of difference between “push” and “delay”.The much-discussed “retirement delay” policy in recent years extends the official retirement age.For men, for example, the current legal retirement age is 60 years old, which will gradually rise after the delay, and may eventually reach the legal retirement age of 65.What legal emeritus age points to is arrived at this age ability retires, be less than cannot retire, or say be less than oneself dozen report applies for to retire ahead of schedule just go.The “delayed retirement” in Jiangsu province’s new policy refers to those who want to work for a few more years after reaching the legal retirement age and pay contributions for a period of time before retiring.For example, Mr. Zhang will reach the age of 60 on May 1, 2022, and can handle retirement procedures and receive pension when he reaches the statutory retirement age.But zhang felt he could still work for a few more years, so he filed an application to postpone his retirement by five years, or until he turns 65 on May 1, 2027.Do you see the difference?After “delaying” the official retirement age, all men must be 65 before they can retire. The purpose of the application is to retire earlier, that is, before the official retirement age.”Delayed” retirement is to have reached the legal age of 60 years old, should retire, the purpose that makes a report application is to hope to retire late, retire again after exceeding legal age of period of time namely.The difference between the two is too great to be true.For the vast majority of people, it is impossible to apply for a later retirement. People want to retire as soon as they reach their legal age, so the focus is on when the “later” retirement policy will be announced, not how to apply for “later” retirement.In addition, jiangsu province’s “delayed” retirement regulations are indeed based on the annual unit, to delay the application for at least one year to start;And “delayed” retirement in the end how to gradually implement there is still no official statement, the probability is still monthly units, such as the first batch of people to eat the “delayed” retirement policy three months later, the second group of six months later, and so on, small steps slowly.To sum up, so far no region has introduced any policy of “delaying the legal retirement age”.In fact, such policies concerning the people of the whole country can not be issued by a local government first, must be given the general direction of the national policy before it is possible to issue its own version.For example, the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security and the Ministry of Finance will notify each region of the range of the increase rate (4.5 percent in 2021) before adjusting the pension every year, and each region will adjust it based on that.Look at the policy to see clearly, do not misread, misrepresent, mislead others when you do not understand.Welcome to pay attention to, like, I will be accurate interpretation of all kinds of policies, documents, your support is the best encouragement for the original!