People with high blood sugar, these 6 things to avoid food, the best one also do not eat, or beneficial to blood sugar stability!

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Guide language: current society, the living standard of the person is taller and taller really.Don’t say big fish and meat, at least can do every meal with vegetables, meat and soup, this is just an ordinary family.But the quality of life becomes better at the same time, some common diseases also “find” come up.Diabetes is a “hot” disease at present. Basically, there is no cure for diabetes. It can only be maintained through drugs all the year round.Generally speaking, people with diabetes, as long as it is not too severe, can achieve remission through treatment and medication control.So what causes diabetes in general?Top of the list is diet, and no one can argue with that.Here is another “myth”, many people believe that diabetes should not eat sugar, or because of eating too much sugar high food.Actually otherwise, some food is not sweet originally, but eat a few more to be able to “injure” to islet, eat as little as possible.Note to people with high blood sugar: These 6 foods may harm the “islet”, eat less if you can!1. Nuts The first food that may be linked to diabetes is, surprisingly, nuts.We may be fooled by a sentence at ordinary times: eat more nuts, tonic brain good body!Is it really so?It’s true that nuts are good for you, but it’s also true that they contain a lot of fat.Eating too many nuts can be a great “burden” on the body, and there may be an increased risk.2, bean milk powder, lotus root powder, many people go to visit the old man, the most like to bring things is bean milk powder, lotus root powder these mushy food.They think old people’s mouth is bad, eat these stomach, still more convenient.But there’s a lot of sugar in there, and there’s no doubt that eating too much of it will affect your islets.Fried Food Old people always like to eat food that smells good, such as fried couplings and fried hairtail fish.These foods are very attractive, and many people also like to eat them, but fried food is oily and high in fat, so it is not recommended for the elderly to eat them.In addition, the fried string of street stalls must not give the elderly to eat, advise young people do not often eat those, really unhealthy.Dry or not, the oil alone is enough to “damage” the islets.4, processed meat products advise the elderly to eat less ham sausage, sausage, bacon and other meat products.Indeed, these foods taste good to eat and are easy to store.Most people don’t have enough food at home.But these processed meats are pretty bad for you, and if you really want to eat them, it’s better to eat red meat.When you eat too much, your blood sugar becomes extremely unstable.5, carbonated drinks speaking of, not only carbonated drinks should not be drunk, some high sugar fruit juice should not.Carbonated drinks and fruit juices contain so much sugar that drinking them is no different from “eating sugar”.Drinking too much can trigger an abnormal islet, and diabetes knocks on its own door.Dragon fruit Speaking of the last one, finally appeared fruit.Fruit is supposed to be a good thing. It contains a lot of dietary fiber and we recommend it for the elderly.But do not recommend the elderly to eat too high polysaccharide fruit, dragon fruit is one of them.Conclusion: To sum up, the above 6 are easy to induce diabetes food “root”, not listed here.There are a lot of food is very high sugar content, suggest everyone to check specially.We don’t recommend that you ban everything, but we encourage you to eat less once you know this.