These rumors about COVID-19 in Kim Dong District are false

2022-06-29 0 By

On March 13, 2022, netizens spread information related to COVID-19 in Jindong District, Jinhua city on wechat groups, Tiktok, Weibo and other platforms.Among them, “Dongxiao and Tangya both have a preliminary screening positive case”, “Machetang village has confirmed one case”, “I heard that jinhua Jin East district has several confirmed cases”, “Tangya town Zhuxi Tang has confirmed a person working in SF Express”, “I heard that two confirmed cases” and so on are false information.The network information department reminds: the network is not a place outside the law, please strengthen the legal awareness of the majority of netizens, timely attention to the release of authoritative information, do not create rumors, do not spread rumors, do not believe rumors, found online rumors timely report, jointly maintain a healthy and orderly cyberspace and social order.