Vivo mobile phone how to correct false electricity

2022-06-29 0 By

When your phone doesn’t show the right amount of battery, for example, it turns off after a while when there’s still plenty of battery left.At this moment may be your cell phone battery display and actual quantity does not conform to the (using non-genuine chargers will lead to a virtual electric), then you can make the following operation: open the phone icon: like when dialing input code * # 558 # : then you will see the following picture: click on the engineering test, choose engineering test 3: select the battery information below:After the test, check whether the battery is correct. If the battery is not correct, you can drain the original battery to 20% (it is up to you to decide whether to put the battery to 0), and then recharge the original charger.Pay attention to the mobile phone will remind you how much electricity to how much, prompt you charge, you charge at this time to pay attention to check the quantity of electricity, such as wrong, continue to discharge (this operation can be repeated), until the real value of the same, again full correction can be.