How pathetic!Liu Xuezhou was injured twice by his parents, after the death of many netizens sent flowers to mourn Liu Xuezhou

2022-06-30 0 By

Liu Xuezhou’s experience, we should have some understanding, is really super distressed this 15-year-old child, when the peers are still enjoying the care of parents, Liu Xuezhou had to rely on their own independence in the early struggle in this society.Past days, even if there is no love of their own parents, Liu Xuezhou has been very strong, after all, the state or love their uncle aunt, when Liu Xuezhou died, the first time to the family or Liu Xuezhou’s uncle aunt.But where are Liu Xuezhou’s biological parents?Are his real parents living in ancient times without looking at their phones?In addition, Liu Xuezhou’s biological father is still a business owner, I do not know after such a thing, whether there are people willing to cooperate with such a boss?I don’t want to!It is reported that Liu Xuezhou is to see Sun Haiyang after the matter, chose to take the initiative to come out to find their own biological parents, find their own biological parents or relatively smooth, but after the matter is not so smooth!Liu Xuezhou told mother just want a resting place, is not necessarily to buy a house, rent one hall are allowed, the results at the end of the mother’s mouth, it is slowly being reported, must give to buy a house, their parents can’t afford to buy a house, said Liu Xuezhou has been on the forefront.Soon, due to his mother’s second injury to the child, coupled with some netizens’ online violence, Liu Xuezhou chose to die in Sanya.Many netizens chose to send Liu Xuezhou some flowers cake, and some milk tea, I hope Liu Xuezhou can have a happy, don’t like this life so bitter!A 15 year old child, experienced the grief in the life, young age this is simply more than a lot of people’s lifetime experience of pain, but at the beginning of Liu Xuezhou is still very strong, with biological parents after recognition, but everything has changed!I am so sorry. I have seen the horror of Internet violence and the irresponsibility of a few media early on. If the government had taken action earlier, maybe the fate of this child would have been different.Network accounts should be implemented real name system, comments should be as much as paying to brush face to publish success, because people who want to kill people are using small, and dare not open and square with large name.Abandoned by his own birth parents twice!Why did you have him in the first place?How desperate he was!How pathetic is a man who is despised by his own parents!A good family in the afterlife!Many netizens sent their last wishes to Liu xuezhou, and I think Liu can feel that his soul will go to heaven.Just as he said, his soul is clean, clean and clean!