No matter what brand of plug board, these 5 misunderstandings must pay attention to!

2022-06-30 0 By

A plugboard is something we all have in our homes, and it’s handy to connect a plugboard if you don’t have enough outlets at home.Now many young people are used to using the plug-in board to charge, but in the process of using the plug-in board, there are a lot of mistakes, today, Chuangrong Mai Mai to give you a good talk.Mistake 1: plug the socket completely full when a lot of people are using plug row, be used to plug the socket completely full, in fact, this kind of practice is quite wrong.Although a plug row has a lot of sockets, for the sake of convenience, a lot of people will occupy the full use, feel that all use is reasonable use of the plug row.Actually otherwise, plug board has certain carrying load, after using power to exceed the power of socket to bear, can bring about overload use of plug, socket can give off heat, damage electrical appliances, cause fire even.Warm hint: do not plug the socket completely full use, put space apart to plug row, make life more safe.Myth 2: The charger is plugged in to the plug bar for a long time. If the charger is plugged in to the plug bar for a long time, the service life of the charger will be shortened.Tips: Remember to power off when the plug is not in use, and let the plug have a rest.Misunderstanding 3: the wiring board will be placed on the ground to use the wiring board will be laid on the ground at will, the wiring board is in a state of electricity, if accidentally touched with water, is a very dangerous thing, light burned wiring board, directly scrapped short circuit, serious fire may occur.Tips: Fix the plug row on the wall and keep it away from the ground to prevent water contamination.Myth 4: Plug in half A lot of people when using the plug, especially when plug in, gently plug in.Half of the plug is not inserted, which is more dangerous, because the exposed half will cause electric shock if accidentally touched.Especially if you have young children at home.Tips: use the plug row must be completely flat plug, placed in the child can not touch the place.Misunderstanding 5: the insertion of the line up the insertion of the row of wires are generally more than one meter, a lot of friends in the use of the wire will be rolled up, so it is really more convenient, but, there are safety risks.After the wire is bundled or rolled up, its resistance will be increased, which will affect heat dissipation and damage the copper wire inside, resulting in a decrease in the actual carrying capacity.Warm tip: when using the plug row, it is safest to put the line naturally straight.The Spring Festival is coming, Chuangrong Mai Mai hope you put an end to all security risks, have a safe, warm and happy year.