The Ministry of Education will hold the first China Youth Football League to officially enter the main field of football reform and development

2022-06-30 0 By

The first China Youth football League will be held in 2022, the first National Student (youth) Sports Meeting will be held in 2022, and aesthetic education reform will be promoted in the middle school entrance examination, the Ministry of Education announced on Its website on February 8.The Ministry of Education released on its official website its priorities for 2022, among which “promoting the all-round development of students’ physical and mental health” is one of them.To put health first, the Ministry of Education will implement the action Plan for the reform and development of school sports and sports education integration in 2022. In addition to holding the first China Youth Football League, the 31st World University Summer Games and the 18th World Middle School Summer Games will also be held in Chengdu and Jinjiang.The Ministry of Education will also launch an action plan on Health education for China’s youth, continue to promote health promotion for Primary and secondary schools in Healthy China, reduce the overall myopia rate of children and adolescents by 0.5 to 1 percentage point compared with 2021, and implement a plan to build national health schools and pilot schools for first-aid education.In 2022, the Ministry of Education will improve the aesthetic education curriculum system linking universities and primary and secondary schools, strengthen the construction of aesthetic education teachers, carry out the action plan to infiltrate aesthetic education, and build a group of studios for famous aesthetic education teachers.The pilot reform of high school entrance examination aesthetic education will continue this year.At the same time, we will promote labor education in primary and secondary schools, comprehensively strengthen agricultural education in colleges and universities, promote labor education in vocational colleges, and carry out vocational enlightenment education for primary and secondary school students.In addition, the Ministry of Education will strengthen and improve students’ mental health education, implement a plan to promote students’ mental health, and do a good job in scientific identification, real-time warning, professional consultation and proper response.