The best term life policies to buy in April

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Compared with other types of insurance, term life insurance is relatively simple, which mainly covers death or total disability within a certain period.Periodic life insurance suits pillar of domestic economy to buy, it is the danger planted with a love and responsibility.The logic of buying term life insurance is also not difficult. First, the amount of insurance should be sufficient; second, the less disclaimer the better; third, the more relaxed the health notice, the better.A little bit of difficulty is, how much money to buy the fixed life is sufficient, to protect to how many years old?Based on the 7125 principle, we recommend that the amount of insurance for a lifetime be 5 times the family’s annual income + debt until the breadwinner retires or the children become independent.There are so many products on the market for longevity. If you choose one slowly, you may not be able to choose one that suits you even if you are dazzled.For the convenience of everyone, baomei shouldered this heavy responsibility, every month to update the product library regularly.This month dingshou recommended, more than two “new friends” to join dingshou this big family.As for the “old friends”, you can check out the march’s birthday recommendations, bao Mei is still optimistic about them (Hua GUI Damai 2022 and Hua GUI Damai Sweet Home).Without saying more, let’s first introduce these two “new friends” — Changsheng No.1 and Yimai Xiangcheng.Changsheng no. 1 is suitable for a little physical problems and 1-4 types of occupation (1) health notice only 3, health to wide pine Changsheng no. 1 health notice is very easy, only 3.Nodal diseases, such as pulmonary nodules and breast nodules, were not reported.In addition, also did not ask second liver circumstance, be like second liver virus carrier, big small 3 this world to wait.There is no BMI requirement, which means that people who are too thin or obese can be insured.If you can’t buy a friend with fixed life due to pulmonary nodules, hepatitis or obesity, you can consider changsheng No.1.There is no waiting period for Changsheng no. 1. After the policy takes effect, the guarantee will be ready immediately.Young people are under a lot of pressure, such as those who work hard in 996 and 007, so sudden death insurance is still necessary.Changsheng No. 1 comes with sudden death extra compensation protection, guaranteed to retirement age, before 56 years old, additional 60%, in 56 to 65 years old, additional 30% insurance, better for the family economic pillar escort.③ There are few exemption clauses, only 3 exemption clauses of Changsheng No.1 perform quite well, only 3.Generally speaking, many products will be drunk driving, invalid driving license and other contents into the scope of exemption, but Changsheng No. 1 did not, relatively speaking, more relaxed.Of course, we should be law-abiding citizens.It should be noted that the insured occupation of Changsheng no.1 is from 1 to 4, and the scope of insurable occupation is relatively narrow.If the occupation belongs to the high-risk occupation, and the body has a little trouble, you can see a wheat orange.There is no waiting period. After the effective time, the guarantee will be in place immediately.Allow 1-6 kinds of occupation to cast insurance, can cast insurance profession scope is wider.(2) Health notice that kuan Song, only 3 a wheat phase orange also only 3 health notice content, the health requirements are relatively low.As can be seen from the figure above, BMI, pulmonary nodules, hepatitis B and other diseases were not asked.(3) Less liability exemption clause, only 3 liability exemption less, more friendly to the insured.One mai xiang Orange and changsheng no. 1 disclaimer clauses are not much different, only three disclaimers.(4) Special color protection barrier — in addition to death or total disability, there is a sudden death additional compensation, sudden death before 65 years old additional 50% insurance.Specific sudden death compensation content, and changsheng no. 1 differ not much, here to protect younger sister is not repeated.We might as well look at a wheat orange movement can increase the amount of insurance on this feature.In the first three years of the policy, if the exercise meets the standard, the amount of insurance will be increased by 5% for each year, and the maximum accumulative amount will be increased by 15%.Specific movement requirements, protect younger sister also help you find out.Want to pursue higher insurance, or daily exercise habits of friends, do not miss ah, this can be said to kill two birds with one stone ah.Not only can you keep fit, but you can also get higher claims.The premium rate for one malt orange is 2 percent higher than that for Jangseong One, but the fifth to sixth category is guaranteed for occupation, and the maximum 15 percent premium for sports is added.If it is 5-6 kinds of occupation occupation crowd, and the body has a little trouble, a wheat orange is a good choice.To sum up, the protection of Changsheng No. 1 and a mai phase orange is quite powerful, with low requirements for physical health, no waiting period and less disclaimer content.Specific how to choose, still want to see the condition such as individual health condition, annual income.If you don’t understand, I’m here.