The professional bottleneck of modern, how should break through?

2022-06-30 0 By

We may experience bottlenecks many times in our lives.The path of life suddenly becomes narrow, and the sense of security built up before it becomes vulnerable.Helplessness, uselessness, self-doubt and disillusionment all find their way into the workplace.Every day that hits us at work, we keep asking ourselves, “I’ve hit a brick wall. What should I do?”There are many people, in the face of the future is very confused, want to continue the present job, but feel difficult to adhere to;You want to quit naked, but you don’t have the resources.”What can I do?Many people face this dilemma.From school to work, growing up is like a never-ending progression of fighting monsters.After entering the workplace, everyone is more like getting on a treadmill that never stops.Some problems do not disappear with the increase in working years.The experienced worker not only has to deal with overworked hours, burnout and strained office relationships, but he or she may be facing the sword of Damocles: a mid-life crisis.Inexperienced professionals may not have to deal with such pressure for a while, but the initial low salary and social phobia may give them pause to think: Is this really the right job for me?So they are stuck in a cycle of new job, quitting, and finding a new job.All of these, whether they are caught in a dilemma due to career difficulties, or in the face of mid-life career crisis, or young always want to try new things but repeatedly hit the wall, in the final analysis, it is because they do not have enough capital to support their future.The distance between failure and success may be only one skill!Life is not always smooth.Ordinary we are scrambling to find the exit at the same time, might as well calm down, re-examine their own, with skills to fill their own.Have a suitable for their own technology, continuous improvement, continuous polishing;Have a skill, no matter for their future employment or even entrepreneurship, is a powerful capital!