Zhou Dongyu joined the “Snow fierce knife line 2”, see the role, the audience blunt tailor-made

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Starring Zhang Ruoyun, Li Gengxi, Hu Jun, Zhang Tian ‘ai and Gao Weiguang, the period drama Swords in the Snow officially ended in mid-January, but the overall plot is still unfinished, as there are still parts 2 and 3 to be shot.Zhou Dongyu joined the “Snow fierce knife line 2”, see the role, the audience blunt tailor-made.There’s no word yet on whether there will be a third movie in The Snow, but it’s definitely a real thing, and a rough launch date has been announced.In addition, there will be some cast changes, among which the most popular is the female lead Jiang Ni.In the first part of The film, jiang Ni is played by Li Gengxi. Although she is very close to the original novel in age, she is ridiculed in terms of appearance and temperament.Although the series of “Fierce knife in the Snow” is the theme of the male hero, but after all, Jiang Ni is the female protagonist, the requirements of nature to be a little higher.In the original novel, Jiang Ni is a lovely character without losing her beauty and temperament, which has been described and modified a lot in the novel.However, after the broadcast of the drama version of “Fierce Sword in the Snow”, Li Gengxi’s jiang Ni obviously did not meet the audience’s expectations, and even less than the supporting role of Jade Bird is more supported and affirmed, so it has been a lot of ridicule and doubt.Since Li Gengxi’s role as Jiang Ni did not meet the audience’s expectations, it is inevitable that the role of Jiang Ni will be changed in the upcoming movie “Sword In the Snow 2”. After all, jiang Ni is a female lead, not a dispensable supporting role.But the new choice was a bit of a surprise.It is reported that zhou Dongyu is being approached by jiang Ni as the new candidate for The movie, and it has even been reported that Zhou Dongyu will join the movie.For zhou Dongyu this actress, we must be very familiar with.Zhou Dongyu, who was born in the 1990s, made her debut in the 2010 film Under the Hawthorn Tree directed by Zhang Yimou. She has since starred in my Old Classmate, Soul Mate, Lie about Sicily, Like You, After Us and My Boy, among others.Zhou Dongyu’s attainments in the field of film are much higher than those in the field of TV drama. Most of her numerous awards have been won by virtue of her film roles, while in the field of TV drama, her works are probably only “Sparrow” and “Dust with a Ring”.Zhou Dongyu has been recognized for her appearance and acting skills. The reason why she didn’t get a better development in the FIELD of TV dramas may be that she didn’t meet suitable dramas and roles, and this upcoming movie “Fierce Swords in the Snow 2” may be her chance.Zhou Dongyu’s own conditions are quite suitable for the portrayal of Jiang Ni in The Fierce Sword In the Snow. Her age, appearance and temperament are all similar. In addition, she is obviously superior to Li Gengxi in terms of appearance level, acting ability and popularity.Of course, this is not to say that Lee Gyeong-hee is not good, but every actor has a better role to play.Therefore, for Zhou Dongyu to play the role of Jiang Ni in the Snow 2, the audience is relatively supportive, and even many people say that the role and the actor is tailor-made, what do we think about it?