19 o ‘clock women’s soccer showdown against South Korea!South Korea coach confidence to win China, Shui Qingxia revealed the good news won the stable

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Beijing time on February 5th, The Chinese women’s football team is still preparing for the final of the Women’s Asian Cup, and will face the Final of the Asian Cup with the South Korean women’s football team at 19:00 on February 6th.China has won eight of the last 10 Asian Cup finals, but the most recent was in 2006.If China wins this final, it will be the first time in 16 years that the women’s team has reached the top of Asia.The Asian Cup is very attractive to both Shui Qingxia and the women’s football team.But before the game, South Korea’s head coach confidently declared that he could beat the Chinese women’s football team, but the good news revealed by Shui Qingxia is estimated to make South Korea’s wishes disappointed.South Korea’s women’s soccer team is currently ranked 18th in the world, while China is ranked 19th, one place behind.In general, the Korean women’s football team is close to the Strength of the Chinese team, but the overall strength is inferior to the Japanese women’s football team.Why Korea coach Colin Bell was so confident before the game.”We will beat China just like we beat Australia,” Klimber said in an interview before the match.Personally think Korea head coach so confident or because of the women’s soccer core Wang Frost injury problem.The South Korean media gave the South Korean women’s football team advice before the game, as long as the death of Wang Shanshan and Wang Shuang, The South Korean team can easily win the championship.And before the semifinal, wang Shuang’s accident injury, directly lead to the match with the Japanese team did not play.The lack of Wang shuang also made the Korean team confident.However, shui Qingxia guidance in the game of a speech to the South Korean team wishes to fail.After the match with Japan, Shui qingxia said, “Judging from the current injury, it is not enough to play yesterday. Let’s see if Wang Shuang can play in the last match after recovering these days.”Through shuiqingxia this interview is not difficult to see, Wang Frost’s injury did not imagine so serious.Wang shuang twisted her ankle on February 2, which gave her four days’ rest before the game against South Korea on February 6.In accordance with the state of the women’s football girls, they will definitely play against South Korea.Wang Frost on the field can pull open captain Wang Shanshan’s space.The South Korean team is about to lose out.So in general, Wang Shuang and South Korea’s final probability will be very large.For The Chinese women’s football team is absolutely very important good news, The Chinese women’s football team’s chances of winning the championship increased, the South Korean coach’s plan to fail.