Dance a song north and south look!Yuanxiao wonderful tour south lion north lion dance battle, did you see?

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Draw a picture of native land, dance a song north and south look!In 2022, Henan SATELLITE TV’s Yuanxiao Magic Tour will be staged as scheduledLion dances, east central south the lion surprise north with box dance battle with drums throb saw south lion lion dance from the pearl river to the north of the Yellow River from the Great Wall is dancing in the streets “surprise” is another graffiti division among this breakthrough “dimensional wall” in the north and south lion dances or her creative painting a picture of a fusion between traditional lion dance + graffiti netizen plaint:That’s quite an imaginative combination!Lu Hongli, chief director of Yuanxiao’s Wonderful Journey, said that the lion dance is not only a lively dance in the celebration, but also a symbol of guarding — guarding mountains and rivers. Both the northern lion and the southern lion convey emotions in A Chinese wayLion dance is one of China’s traditional folk art every Lantern Festival or assembly celebration folk to the lion dance to add to the excitement as a symbol of Chinese characteristics of the festival is enduring for many young people when the lion head raised drums to thunder even the ends of the earthHome is finished in sight programs have you noticed that the north lion big eye blink of full south lion serious wham is a cruel boy actually not only appearance of south to north lion lion and these differences look down ~ call north lions usually referred to as the lion dance, lion dance, st the lion is called the south lions look north lions based on realistic modelling resembles a real lion south through new flash it the lion lion freehand brushwork in traditional ChineseActing is just fierce power of expression in different northern lion is more popular in the north and south lion is popular in south China and overseas positions north lions mainly on the flat floor, tower, and quincuncial piles to perform lion main performance position is vertical pile and pile, a different style for an outing north lions, there are generally two lions with performing strive to,The southern Lion is usually performed by a lion in combination with martial arts,Wham swift method is different in the northern lion dance performances emphatically when there are always double lion out of the cave, and after throwing ball and more interesting links such as dancing to robot, down, turn over, rolling, jumping, wipe itch is given priority to with south lion dancing pose potential, norm, rise, suspected in the dance, scratching, sleep to be a lion happiness, anger, sorrow and joy, etc to adopt green to show the key posesDo you grow grass in the East?