“NPC and CPPCC meeting room” Yu Li: protection of agricultural “chip” to consolidate the foundation of germplasm resources

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It is the inevitable demand of realizing agricultural modernization to make good seed industry turn over one’s own battles.”Agricultural germplasm resources are strategic resources to ensure national food security and supply of important agricultural products, and are the material basis for the original innovation of agricultural science and technology and the development of modern seed industry.”Provincial CPPCC member, Tongren Radio and Television University president Yu Li said in an interview with reporters said.Yu Li is rich in agricultural germplasm resources. With its unique natural ecology, farming system and national culture, Guizhou has bred some rare and unique agricultural biological genetic resources in China. It is one of the regions with abundant agricultural biological genetic resources in China, and its biodiversity ranks the fourth in China.In the past year, the relevant research group of guizhou province has conducted field research on the stock market of Guizhou Province, Guizhou Agricultural Vocational College, Congjiang Xiang Pig Breeding farm, Xingyi Banyan breeding farm and other breeding units.Entering the 14th Five-Year Plan period, the protection and development of germplasm resources have entered a critical stage.Yu believes that germplasm resources exchange and cooperation should be strengthened to attract more germplasm resources. Systematic investigation and collection of key species should be carried out to introduce more germplasm resources and technologies, so as to enhance scientific and technological innovation and resource utilization rate of germplasm resources.At the same time, strengthen the supervision of germplasm resources protection and realization of “security”, establish the race in the field, reserve and gene pool as the basis, establish livestock or poultry genetic resource monitoring and early warning system, grasps the resources dynamic change, encourage scientific research and teaching institutions, leading enterprises and the social public multivariate main body participation, speed up the rescue endangered germplasm resources.”It is also important to strengthen the development and utilization of germplasm resources.”Yu said that efforts and funds should be actively guided to participate in the protection and development of germplasm resources, turn the potential advantages of resources into economic advantages, smooth the sharing and utilization mechanism, and integrate resources and information collected by scientific research institutions and enterprises into the germplasm resources data platform for unified management and distribution.Guizhou daily Sky Eye news reporter Liu Yue editor Wu Caili editor Zhao Yongjun