Powerless, stomachache for many years, dialectical analysis of traditional Chinese medicine, to recover

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A few days ago, I met a patient with functional attenuation of the male comrade, the male comrade looks very strong, and the evening’s ability to act is very poor in sharp contrast.The patient reported that it had been a long time since a pleasant game was played for two.Now although the wife did not say what, but always feel in front of the wife lift not a head, now very abased, please the doctor must help me….Then I learned from the communication that the patient usually felt that his appetite was not good, he could not eat, and he always felt his stomach was hot and uncomfortable.At the same time, they often feel tired and tired, and their bad breath is obvious.Urine turns yellow and stools are dry.Look at the tongue: red tongue moss yellow, pulse smooth number.Combined with the comprehensive analysis of symptoms, spleen deficiency, dampness and heat.The patient also said: Doctor, my spleen and stomach is not good, when giving me tonic, try to stimulate a little.I asked him: What tonic do you take?The patient said this matter is not good, do not have to fill?The main problem we see in patients is dampness of the spleen and stomach, which only needs to clear out the heat of the spleen and stomach.Rather than make up;Otherwise, the more fill will only make the heat and humidity more serious, the disease will be more serious.We see patients with stomach discomfort for many years, the total feeling of heartburn, poor appetite, which clearly shows that the spleen and stomach is hot.The hot gas in the spleen and stomach, so bad breath.Hot evil injures jin, so urine turns yellow.Spleen deficiency transport abnormal, nutrition can not transport the whole body, so the whole body will be weak.In addition, the acquired spleen and stomach, the source of qi and blood biochemistry, spleen deficiency and damp heat, there will be subtle, qi and blood can not fill zongjin.In very poor condition.In the words of our traditional Chinese medicine, it is “hot spleen and stomach, zong jin involved”.Conditioning should clear the heat of the spleen and stomach, medicinal: gypsum, psoraleae, Dendrobium, achyranthes bidentum, anemarrhenae, Euphorbia, cooked ground, raw ground, phellodendron, rhubarb.(Each person’s situation is different, do not blindly take.)Square gypsum heat clearing stomach, anematica, Dendrobium, raw and cooked ground nourishing Yin, Phellodendron heat clearing, rhubarb purgatory heat, niu Genu remove blood stasis and meridian, heat conduction down.These are for the heat of the spleen and stomach.On this foundation, slightly psoralea and ba Halberd day, appropriate ground temperature tonifying kidney Yang.