Relationships: Be a smart girl

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1. Make a living before you love. When you are financially independent, you can approach your lover with enthusiasm and confidence.2 be kind, but not to all people, to hurt their own people, decisively away, rather than give them a second chance to hurt yourself.Strengthen both hard power and soft power to improve themselves in an all-round way.Be aware of your strengths and weaknesses, and neither belittle nor be conceited.When you find that a relationship has been consuming your energy, please timely stop losing, good love, should be to let people see hope, let people become better.On everything, have their own analysis and judgment, rather than go with the flow, conformity.7. Don’t waste your time trying to improve your partner, but spend it trying to improve yourself and love yourself.8. Before you are in a relationship, don’t interfere in your partner’s circle, including relatives, friends and colleagues. It will make him passive.9. Trust and support your partner, encourage him to do what you love, and fight with him.Love is mutual attraction, not demanding, in the face of true love, do not compromise.