Sichuan Lvlin School martial arts inheritor: to spread Chinese martial arts to promote chivalry

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Li Yangran teaches young students to practice martial arts at the martial arts museum.Li Yangran teaches martial arts to young students at a martial arts studio.Chengdu, China New network taken by Wang Lei on March 27, title: Sichuan Lvlin school of martial arts inheritor: pass Chinese martial arts Yang chivalrary way author Shan Peng double waist, a seal, a hundred steps through Yang, hang elbow-ziwu, reining in rein…At a martial arts gymnasium in Wenjiang district, Chengdu city, more than a dozen martial arts students practiced the Greenwood school martial arts “golden sword out of scabbards” under the guidance of their teacher Li Yangran Sunday.Li Yangran, who is in his 30s, is the sixth generation inheritor of The Lvlin School of martial arts and has been practicing martial arts for 20 years.With a history of about 130 years, the Lulin School is a traditional martial arts school that originated in Zhaogong Mountain, Sichuan province during the Reign of Emperor Guangxu of the Qing Dynasty.This school of traditional Chinese martial arts fusion of the north and south of the two schools, in sichuan martial arts circles enjoy the “green hand” reputation.Because of its strong summarization of Chinese traditional martial arts culture, and the large number of masters in past dynasties with wide influence, the Lulin School martial arts was listed as sichuan provincial intangible cultural heritage in 2009 after the declaration of Yucheng District, Ya ‘an City, Sichuan Province.Li Yangran teaches young students to practice martial arts at the martial arts museum.According to Li Yangran, in the last years of the Qing Dynasty, a group of martial arts practitioners from various schools and factions gathered at Zhao Gong Mountain, the highest peak of Qingcheng Mountain in Sichuan province.In order to summarize and create martial arts sets suitable for fighting in mountainous areas, Liu Zhong, the leader of the Gathering of justice at that time, studied together with many heroes and gradually formed the Martial arts of Lvlin school.”The Greenwood school of martial arts draws on various strengths. Its biggest characteristic is to remove the flowery techniques in various martial arts and extract the most practical sets.”Li Yangran said that the movements of the Greenwood school are small and varied, and the moves are tight and continuous. They are good at hitting the body all over the body to harm the body, and advocate more fists and less legs, close-body short fighting.Born in Ya ‘an, Sichuan province, Li Yangran loved martial arts since childhood. At the age of 13, he Sanjin, the fifth-generation inheritor of The Lulin School of Martial arts, became a disciple of him. “When I was learning martial arts, my teacher taught me kung fu on a hill outside Ya ‘an.Every morning before dawn, he would go to the mountain to release birds, and I would get up early to look for him.I practiced two or three hours a day and went back down to school for years.”Li yangran recalled.Li Yangran shows the Greenwood school martial arts.However, Li Yangran also admitted that with the change of times, the Greenwood school of martial arts gradually declined.On the one hand, due to its origin in the inland, the opportunities for overseas exchanges and exchanges of The Greenwood school of wushu are relatively limited.On the other hand, the soil in which this martial art was first established and flourished no longer exists.As the only non-hereditary inheritor of The Lvlin school of martial arts at the provincial level, Li Yangran felt the great responsibility: “As one of the local traditional martial arts schools in Sichuan, the Lvlin School of martial arts has distinct characteristics of Sichuan martial arts.It is a good inheritance for Sichuan wushu culture to continue to inherit and carry forward this school in the contemporary era.”In order to promote the international communication and expand its popularity, Li yangran established the Greenwood Wushu performance team and cultural communication company successively, and participated in many large-scale performances, including the grand finale performance for Cherie Blair, wife of former British Prime Minister Blair, who visited Sichuan in 2011.Now, in the background of many traditional martial arts from actual combat, self-defense to national fitness, Li Yangran is also the “martial arts instructor” in many schools in Chengdu, promoting the “Greenlin Cao” adapted from the Greenlin school martial arts among primary and secondary school students.At the same time, Li Yangran opened a martial arts school in Chengdu, opening the door of Chinese martial arts for some young people who are interested in martial arts. “It is my greatest wish to discover the seedling of practicing The Greenwood school of martial arts among the young generation and find successors for the Greenwood school of martial arts.”Li Yangran said.Li Yangran shows the Greenwood school martial arts.In addition, Li Yangran also personally went to Japan, Thailand and other countries, with the local “martial arts master” to learn martial arts, exchange martial arts culture.In Thailand, he also found another way to promote traditional martial arts.”The competitive transformation of traditional martial arts is a way out to continue the vitality of traditional martial arts.For example, muay Thai, as a traditional Thai boxing, has successfully transformed into a modern fighting style while retaining ancient Muay Thai culture and characteristics, and has taken a place in the world of fighting.”Li Yangran believes that at present, sichuan traditional martial arts have not tried to competitive transformation, if the combination of the two, there will be a chance to “collision” the development of The Lulin school of martial arts.”The Greenwood school of martial arts has unique cultural value. The school named ‘Greenwood’ incorporates chivalry culture into its spiritual core.”Li Yangran said that while promoting and inheriting the Martial arts of The Greenwood school, he also hoped to carry forward the chivalrous way and the cultural values of helping others and being kind to others advocated by the martial arts of the Greenwood school.Source: