To strengthen regulation and regulation of e-cigarettes to comprehensively promote the implementation of tobacco control

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Source: People’s Daily “smoking cessation magic device”, “health vapor”, “trend technology”…In recent years, many consumers have been attracted by electronic cigarettes, which some businesses claim can help them quit smoking and keep healthy.Related manufacturers are also increasing their investment, with an increasing number of e-cigarette stores, licensed stores and retailers, making the market very competitive.Against this backdrop, a small number of teenagers are also becoming e-cigarette users, raising concerns.Smoking is bad for your health, and vaping is no exception.As the number of users increased, it was found that people who tried e-cigarettes as a way of quitting were more likely to revert to cigarettes after a period of time, with less success.E-cigarettes, which contain the addictive substance nicotine, have been linked to acute lung injury, asthma and other illnesses, authorities said.There is a growing recognition that e-cigarettes are essentially cigarettes that can be harmful when inhaled.Tobacco should be controlled. It should not be allowed to stray from supervision under the guise of “technological products”, thus misleading consumers and damaging human health.At the beginning of this year, the Ministry of Public Security and other four departments jointly launched a special crackdown on the sale of e-cigarettes to minors in accordance with the law, cracking down on crimes related to e-cigarettes and effectively protecting the physical and mental health of minors.Not long ago, the State Tobacco Monopoly Administration issued regulations on the Management of e-cigarettes, stipulating that starting from May 1 this year, the sale of flavored e-cigarettes other than tobacco flavor and e-cigarettes with self-added aerosol will be prohibited, and the sale of e-cigarette products to minors will be prohibited.The document specifies the definition and regulatory targets of e-cigarettes, and calls for licensing management for e-cigarette production, wholesale and retail entities, and channel management for e-cigarette sales, among others.Through the establishment of rules and regulations, including e-cigarettes in the scope of tobacco management for effective supervision, will be conducive to the standardized development of the industry, better protect the legitimate rights and interests of consumers, especially minors and other groups.The act of law is not enough.The new regulations on the management of e-cigarettes highlight practical pertinence and have strong operability.For the future, the key lies in the implementation of the system and the detailed implementation of the provisions on paper.Relevant departments have strengthened supervision in accordance with regulations, industries and enterprises have fully complied with relevant regulations, and media, schools and families have paid attention to popularizing the possible harm of e-cigarettes…Only with concerted efforts and multiple measures and careful governance, can regulations be truly effective and the harm caused by e-cigarettes be reduced.Through the regulation of the e-cigarette market and the regulation of the e-cigarette industry, more people can have a rational understanding of e-cigarettes and develop the habit of consciously smoking less or even not smoking.This helps form a civilized lifestyle and provides a good social environment for the healthy growth of young people.Tobacco control is not only related to the health of young people, but also related to the future of the country and the nation.”By 2030, the smoking rate among people aged 15 and above should be reduced to 20 percent,” the outline of the “Healthy China 2030” plan states.In recent years, China has comprehensively promoted the implementation of tobacco control, intensified the efforts of tobacco control, improved the effectiveness of tobacco control by means of price, tax and law, carried out tobacco control publicity and education, actively promoted the construction of smoke-free environment, and strengthened the supervision and law enforcement of tobacco control in public places. Remarkable results have been achieved.With more detailed policies and measures, we are sure to effectively reduce the use of e-cigarettes among the public, especially among minors, and contribute to the construction of a healthy China.