3 stay up late also want to brush every stream of people xiu Xian novel: leading role step camp, extraordinary achievements!

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Hello!Here is, the next is to give you audience master recommended popularity of network novels run, the New Year will be run to contract everyone’s bookshelf, there is always a is your love of reading!Now let’s enter the world of fiction!3 stay up late also want to brush every stream of people xiu Xian novel: leading role step camp, extraordinary achievements!The first book: Changsheng Immortal Gourd by Xiao Li Feng Dao Excellent Excerpt Priority: Xiao Ping is not without practice of internal gong mind method.On the way to red whale gate, every time he practiced a trace of internal force, will be integrated into the “Aoki Gong” in the cool.So in the collection of books cabinet to choose martial arts, he directly skipped internal work, chose a set of named “lead needle” needle device.With needles as weapons, on the one hand the medical technique often uses silver needles, will not let a person feel strange;Secondly, his bending can perfectly replace the effect of “line”, without losing or even exceeding the power of the original move!Li Shi obviously does not have this problem, and the doctor in the red whale gate usually no danger, Xiao Ping will help him choose a power is not obvious at the beginning, but accumulated internal power.In the following days, Xiao Ping taught himself medical skills in the morning in the library of books, and practiced “flying needle” in the afternoon.He tried bending directly, but gave up after a few days.With his “Aokigong” one layer of repair, there is no support for a few bending practice.Since a lot of practice in accordance with the original, the progress of “Flying Needle” is indeed greatly accelerated.As for the medical skills together, The same progress at high speed.Put the medical books of collect books pavilion, mostly shallow popular, far inferior to those words and pearls of Lao Dao study.First: “Who told you to leave?Do you think it’s a fair, and you can come and go as you please?”The buddhist monk pu grabbed the candidate with both hands. After listening to the people around him abusing Sun er, he said coolly, “Come back and continue to accept the selection.”This is like a bolt from the blue to silence the audience, the audience looked at the whole town as a shame of the child’s body, showing the eyes of extreme disgust.At this moment, Sun er once again felt that he came here is a mistake.If, failed, oneself go, anyway the whole town up and down, also zhang Yuan people home and he have contact, other people, oh, the home of that point quickly sour throw away food, keep to others to eat it.Think of here, sun two suddenly feel themselves open, looked up at the glare of the sun, and turned to the crowd of Zhang Yuan and Zhang Uncle, he felt, at this time, only these two people really looked at themselves, hope that they were elected, or failed, will really feel sorry for themselves.From sun two early in the morning to run to the crowd, early to find zhang Yuan’s figure, also saw Zhang Yuan looking around the eyes, he must be looking for me, certainly early in the morning to find me, found me not at home, thought I went to the mountain to cut wood, brothers, if I was elected, I will let you when the sheriff!Zhang Yuan in the crowd finally found sun two, saw the childhood together with the playmate at this time is looking at himself, Zhang Yuan do not know why, he will subconsciously nodded to him, the heart instantaneous have a feeling that cannot be said.(Click below to read it for free.) Third book: Fairy Island by Xichen NogiAfter fusion ex memory, it seems to remember that there is a strange wind from his mind blowing, and then I do not know how to come to this place called the earth, reborn in the same person called Yang Feng body, and at this time he can feel this flesh has a very heavy obsession in the ring rao, there is unwilling, there is anger……Perhaps feel the sincerity of these words, that obsession in the next moment disappeared without a trace.Yang Feng, who has experienced the cruelty of xiuzhen group, understands it very much. No matter in any place, it is strength as honor, and everything else is floating clouds.God knowledge can not be used, only with their own mind in the residual true yuan perception of this body, not by a burst of speechless, the head, the internal organs have different degrees of bleeding, rib fracture three, limb fracture injury.Plus this body itself cannot keep up with nutrition quite emaciated, want much miserably have much miserably……In the heart silently sigh, for the former three seconds of silence, and then rustling began to repair the injury.True yuan went, the brain and viscera of the blood visible to the naked eye was absorbed disappear, originally as thin as hair meridians in the true yuan repair is also strong, if a doctor can see this scene at this time, the eyes are estimated to be able to stare out.(Click below to read for free) The above is today’s network novel recommendation, you audience master think what?Is there a best way to read a novel?Feel free to post your thoughts in the comments section!Remember to like and follow, this is the biggest support for a Run!