Changan Uni-T, MG ONE and Haf H6 are all domestic SUVs with impressive appearance.

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Did you buy a car last year?No, hurry up, the Lunar New Year is coming.There’s no better way to get home for Chinese New Year in style and convenience than with a new car.If you need it, read on.No matter how much money you have saved up to now, I think the car purchase budget of around 150,000 yuan is acceptable to the majority of salaried people.In this price range, more recommended to buy domestic cars.Don’t blow not black ground to say, these two years domestic brand, take the product that move really have a lot of.Za also no nonsense, look at 150 thousand or so budget, which several cars worth recommending?From the exterior and interior design, UNI-T is really selling point, it can be said that changan high-end, opened up a new battlefield.Let’s just say that it really hits my heart in terms of appearance.In particular, there are more and more brands that choose to try this design without boundary, even hafu H6, the best-selling SUV.There is also the emphasis on personality customization, as well as the details of the sport performance style, such as surrounding kit, pilot lights, interior color and so on, these do not look obvious design language, often in the eyes of young consumers, can make the overall good impression add a lot of extra points.Because everyone’s results are getting closer and closer, often the details determine the success or failure!In terms of power, the UNIT is powered by blue Whale 1.5T and a 2.0T engine, which has only been available for a few days, with a 7-speed wet dual clutch and an 8AT gearbox.It’s rare in its size, or even in its class.The 1.5T engine has a maximum power of 188 HP and a peak torque of 300 N · m.2.0T engine, maximum power 233 HP, peak torque 390 N · m.Recommended reasons: Changan Uni-T is aimed at young consumers who are in pursuit of quality.In terms of exterior interior design and power configuration, it has the ability to compete with other brands.This also conveys a clear signal to domestic consumers that they can now buy cars without first choosing joint venture brands.To understand it, you need to get rid of your preconceptions about petrol cars. Why?Let’s start with design!The MG ONE offers both stylish and sporty designs, as well as customised Spaces for combinations and matches.In terms of overall design, it does have a crossover look, and I think it’s more urban SUV tonality.Look how MG named its body colors: “Cybergrey, Electric Orange, And Brighton Blue.”It always gives me a sense of functional style in the fashion world.In addition!The MG ONE is a fuel car, but when it comes to technology, it has a new-power experience.The new Luozhen intelligent cockpit system, in intelligent and convenient experience, and further advanced.For example, it can recognize fuzzy commands through big data, making speech recognition more useful and more like normal conversations with people.On the processor, MG ONE uses Qualcomm Snapdragon flagship 8155 chip, which is nearly three times higher than the 820A chip on Xiaopeng P7 and Ideal ONE. It is also ONE of the best car rating processing chips at present.Perhaps because of the powerful chip, the MG ONE has removed many physical buttons, either integrated into the car system, or placed on the side of the dual 12.3-inch dual-screen instrument, or made the form of touch. In terms of experience, the MG ONE has the strength and reason to do so.The theme of the previous vehicle and engine system is really weak to make fun of. Luo God intelligent cockpit system combines B station to launch 4 theme styles, full of two-dimension both visual sense, which will tease the appetite of young people.Linkage with the meter is nothing new, but the boot animation has been redesigned, which must be appreciated.Finally, there is the powertrain aspect, which finally makes me think it is an urban SUV positioning.Saic-developed 1.5T engine, 181 horsepower and 285 n · m comprehensive power level, the class performance is very good.Here’s the thing: the engine matches a CVT transmission, not a dual clutch.In many aspects, such as maintenance and driving experience, CVT is obviously better than dual-clutch products, this is an indisputable fact.Why you should check it out: A lot of brands talk about generation Z, but forget that their products can talk!So they always give me the feeling of old wine in a new bottle.The MG ONE feels different, and it’s very clear!Especially in terms of experience, it is not advocating being unique, but really starting from the way of thinking of young people, with a strong sense of substitution, which makes you feel like a car owner.Isn’t that more appealing to young people than talking about technology?Hafer H6 recommended index: ★★★★ Guidance price: 9.89-15.700 thousand yuan is the crown, do not recommend Hafer H6 true inappropriate!Hafu H6 so many years of cultivation, visibility is very high.And the new and old sales strategy, in its price range, the choice is more abundant.It’s not unusual to be the hottest item in the world.And the new speed on hafu H6 is very fast!New models appear almost every six months or so.In terms of appearance design, the third generation of Haffer H6 has a certain inheritance with the previous generation, but at the same time, there are some innovative designs.Such ideas, I think no problem, because design itself is not the end, break and stand according to everyone’s aesthetic changes, rather than let “brand new” become a fixed means of publicity.But in order to cater to more aesthetic needs, Harvard H6 has introduced designs like Supreme+ that appeal to young people, as well as designs like The National Fashion version that target a more mature audience.In terms of power, Hafu H6 currently has two fuel versions of 1.5T and 2.0T to choose from, and there may be a DHT hybrid version in the future. Both engines are matched with a 7-speed wet dual-clutch gearbox, and high-volume models have four-wheel drive options, which can be said to be very rich in choices.Recommended reasons: As the leading model of SUV in China, Hafu H6 certainly has its advantages.To the third generation, H6 perennial best-selling reasons, and its comprehensive product strength has a direct relationship.And on the price, Hafu H6 also did not because of popular, choose to increase the price of sales and other behaviors.Do products attentively, with good faith management, both are indispensable.Conclusion: To buy Hafu H6 is to go for high retention and huge user groups.Buy uni-t for its individuality.Buying MG ONE is more of a two-way street with young people.If it were me, as a young person, I would probably choose MG ONE from experience.Because today’s young people, like personality is one thing, but they need more “like-minded”.A car can cater to your taste, and also in the freshness of the surprise, that is enough, in fact, many young people know that you get what you pay for, most of them more respect their preferences.