Donnie Yen, 58, took a trip and tasted rice noodles with his wife and daughter

2022-07-02 0 By

Donnie yen, 58, posted a video on his social media site of “authentic bridge rice noodles.”According to donnie yen’s backpack and coordinates, he is now traveling in Xishuangbanna, Yunnan province, very relaxed!Interestingly, in Donnie’s video, he is the only one who appears in front of the camera and looks like he is traveling alone.But that’s not the case. Donnie’s wife, Wang Shishi, posted a photo of the three of them on a trip to mainland China on Jiugonggerry.Three people eating rice noodles together, with the same smile on their faces, happy!Donnie yen is shown wearing a purple hoodie, light jeans and a white baseball cap.Holding the camera is Donnie yen’s wife, Wang Shi-shi. She is already in her forties, with fair skin and delicate skin. Wearing a white hoodie and a red coat, she looks very young and energetic, known as “Miss Chinese”!Donnie Yen and his wife among the little girl, is their eldest daughter Zhen Jiru, long time no see, this girl has become a graceful, inherited the fine genes of their parents.In fact, zhen Jiru just celebrated her 18th birthday on 19th of last month. Wang Shishi and his wife specially celebrated her birthday. Twenty days later, they came back from Hong Kong!Yen has shifted his acting focus to the mainland in recent years, and many netizens have seen him touring the motherland with his family.His footprints throughout the Bund in Shanghai, Xi ‘an Datang Lotus Garden, Yunnan Xishuangbanna, mountain and water tour, Donnie yen also took a family of six, in the holy land of Internet celebrities around a circle!On the screen, Wang shishi and Yen Jiru are posing for photos in a hallway, covered with a table full of traditional dishes that don’t look very good, but taste and uniqueness are mouth-watering.Wang Shishi and his daughter had a sumptuous dinner and ate it with relish. After dinner, they praised him and said they would come again next time.