Hubei provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection and supervision of public solicitation of corruption and style of work around the masses

2022-07-02 0 By

Hubei Daily news (reporter Yang Hongbin, correspondent Yi Jie) recently, the provincial commission for Discipline Inspection commission issued a notice, since March 15 to March 31, to the masses of the public around the public corruption and style of work.Provincial discipline inspection commission related person in charge said that the public solicitation of corruption and style of work around the masses, to fully mobilize the enthusiasm of the people to participate in the wind and discipline anti-corruption, and strive to solve a group of people the most concerned, the most direct, the most realistic interest problems.The solicitation covers outstanding issues in education and medical care, old-age security, ecological and environmental protection, work safety, food and drug safety, handling of letters and visits, business environment, government services and other fields.The general public can log on to the official website of the Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection ( and the newly opened “Platform for soliciting corruption and Style of Work around the Masses”, or dial 027-12388 and dial “1” to provide clues or report complaints.The provincial commission for discipline inspection and supervision said it hoped the general public would report the problem in a realistic way, urging the commission to use its real name and provide effective contact information.Provincial commission for Discipline Inspection and supervision to reflect and reflect the problem of strict confidentiality.(source: Hubei Daily) For more exciting content, please download the “Big Wuhan” client in each major application market.