Plate change | liquor high-end strategy effect is significant wine plate shock pull

2022-07-02 0 By

Zhitong Financial APP learned that on April 1, influenced by the significant effect of liquor high-end strategy, a-share brewing plate shock pulled up, as of press time,Shares of Jiujiu (000799.sZ), Shuijingfang (, Luzhou Laojiao (000568.sZ), Shere Wine (, Kweichow Moutai (600519.SH), Wuliangye (000858.sZ) and Shanxi Fenjiu ( rose.On March 30, Wuliangye Yibin Co.,Ltd(hereinafter referred to as “Wuliangye”) issued a notice on 2021 cash dividend commitment.In the announcement, Wuliangye said that in order to actively return the majority of investors to the company’s support and love, the company initially considered 2021 cash dividend amount is not less than 11.5 billion yuan (including tax).When the dividend plan of 2021 is finally approved by the general meeting of shareholders, it will be the second consecutive year that Wuliangye will distribute over 10 billion yuan of dividend after the cash red envelope of 10 billion yuan in 2020.Insiders point out that the dividend of liquor listed companies is to give investors confidence with practical actions, but the listed companies have strict requirements for the dividend system. This announcement promises that Wuliangye will have a good operation in 2021, the high-end strategy has a significant effect, and the profitability is relatively good.Changjiang securities research report refers to: according to wine companies forecast disclosure of 2021 and January 2022 – February operating situation, combined with the wine enterprises above designated size data, current head of the development of the liquor industry concentration, the upgrading of consumption two big trend continues, and from the historical experience, long-term development trend of industry big probability will not broken by short-term external factors.Therefore, the main line of the future development of liquor industry is unchanged.This article is from Zhitong Financial network