“The Line of Fire” Ren Tianye: eight years old abandoned by his mother, the burden of his father and stepmother children living expenses

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One day in 2004, Ren Tianye, who was good at playing “tough guy in the army”, received a phone call from his stepmother, who was 11 years older than him. “Amano, I am pregnant with a child. Your father quarrels with me every day and wants me to remove the child, but I want to keep the child.”Ren Tianye hurried home, after careful consideration, he said a word, father and stepmother are silent.Born in 1970 in Jiamusi, Heilongjiang, to a Kazakh mother, Ren tianye has a deep-eyed, mixed-race face.Ren Tianye’s father went to work in the lumber factory, family circumstances are general, more dreg is, Ren Tianye’s parents often quarrel, father anger to hit his son, the mother can only kneel.Under such circumstances, Ren tianye’s mother finally couldn’t take it anymore. When Ren tianye was 8 years old, her mother left home with ren Tianye’s 4-year-old sister and returned to Kazakhstan, never to return.Losing his mother, Ren Tianye grew like a weed from then on. At the age of 18, Ren Tianye went to Guangzhou and became a drifter.Ren tianye, 1.83 meters tall and handsome with a mixed-race look, played soccer but retired after two years injured.Served as a waiter, brush the bowl, do hair shampooing boy, life is not fixed.Ren Tianye’s father also went to work after divorce, in 2001, Ren Father told his son, he got married again, Ren Tianye was shocked.Ren tianye’s stepmother, who was 15 years younger than Ren from a rural village in Cangzhou, Hebei province, was an unmarried girl before she married ren.Ren Tianye is very distrustful of the young stepmother.Ren Tianye said to his father, “Why would an unmarried girl marry you?””Aunt Chen is very kind and virtuous. She hasn’t touched a cent of the money you gave me.”Ren Tianye saw the stepmother, stepmother is much younger than his father, his father is more old, Ren Tianye doubt deeper, he asked his stepmother why to marry his father, his father is old and not fixed occupation.The stepmother sincerely said that her feelings were hurt before, it was her father who gave her care, accompanied her slowly out of the hurt feelings, the two people hit it off and came together.Although the stepmother said so, Ren Tianye still reminded his father to be careful.After 2001, Ren Tianye was introduced to Beijing by a friend, and he was a model in a model company. He was liu Huan’s bodyguard and was taken a shine to by the director. He participated in the movie “a certain year, a certain month, a certain day”, and his career progressed step by step.About the future of his father and Ren Tianye considered, the stepmother in the end how he did not know, in 2003, Ren Tianye kept his father and stepmother in Beijing.Jie bought a three-bedroom flat and kept it for his father’s retirement.In 2004, Ren Tianye went back to Tianjin to visit his father and found that his father had changed. His clothes were clean and tidy. His father gave up smoking and drinking, and he was very energetic.Her stepmother came from the countryside and lived a simple life.See father enjoying such a life, Ren Tianye to the stepmother completely assured, he apologized to the stepmother, promised to treat the stepmother like relatives, a family of three happy.In 2004, the family faced a test.Ren tianye’s stepmother was pregnant and wanted to give birth to the child, while Ren’s father felt that he was too old to have any more children and wanted to abort the child.After this matter was known by Ren Tianye, after ideological struggle, Ren Tianye understood the mood of the stepmother, choose to support the stepmother to give birth to the child, he promised to bear the expenses of raising the child, the father no longer quarrel with the stepmother.Mr. Ren moved his father and stepmother to Beijing, and in 2005, the stepmother gave birth to a boy, named Ren Tianhua, and Mr. Ren paid for his brother’s expenses.Ren Tianye is a very self-disciplined person, although acting non-professional background, but strict with himself, after the performance of “I am special Forces”, body management hard exercise, no matter how hard and tired when acting can insist, 40 years old tough guy began to become popular.Ren Tianye also met bosom lover on feeling.In 2004, when Ren Tianye was still a small actor with nothing, Ren Tianye met the actress Zhu Lixin, Zhu Lixin graduated from the Drama, is Zhang Xinyi’s classmate, much smaller than Ren Tianye.Zhu Lixin falls in love with tall and handsome ren Tianye who is sincere and practical at first sight. Although Ren Tianye is still a small actor at that time, Zhu family does not agree, and they can not afford the wedding, Zhu Lixin still firmly marries Ren Tianye.Ren Tianye starred in the special forces, the road slowly opened, people slowly red up, and later starred in the female special police, fire man, and other plays, became playing the popular military theme of the young.Zhu Lixin gave birth to their love child, a son, in 2006, Zhu Lixin also retired from the family and stopped acting, in order to support her husband’s career, concentrate on caring for her husband and raising their children, while Ren Tianye’s career is also booming.In 2014, Ren tianye expressed his regret and wanted to find his birth mother and sister in a show.After hearing this, the stepmother and Ren’s father tried all kinds of channels to find Ren tianye’s mother, but failed to find her.Ren Tianye very grateful stepmother pay, wife Zhu Lixin also under ren Tianye’s drive, filial piety their parents-in-law, a big family eat together on holidays, play, the relationship is very harmonious.Some people say that the entertainment circle is a big dye VAT, into the inevitable will be contaminated with color.But have to say, there will also be such a clean self-discipline ren Tianye.Although Ren Tianye from childhood hardships, frustrations, late bloomer, but has not given up the love of a better life.Dutiful old man, married first love, famous zero affair, self-management, down-to-earth life.Li Ka-shing once said, “Life has its ups and downs. Everyone should learn to bear their share of sadness. Only in this way can you realize success and true happiness.”If the heart of the sun, fearless sadness.