Zhoudai Bridge opened 100 days “peninsula” daishan has what change

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Since it opened to traffic at 12 o ‘clock on December 29, 2021, zhoudai Bridge has been in operation for 100 days until April 7, 2022.According to the statistics of zhoushan Expressway management Center of Zhejiang Transportation Group, as of 14:00 on April 7, the total flow of daishan through Zhoudai Bridge is about 695,000 cars, and the peak flow of 22,600 cars.Zhoudai Bridge brings the hanging water island Daishan into the peninsula era.On the first day of opening, Ren Hongbin, who runs an enterprise in Daishan Daidong, drove himself from Daishan to the main island of Zhoushan. After 100 days, he got on the bridge again.Short 100 days, he truly felt that the opening of the expressway greatly shortened the distance between Daishan and zhoushan island and all the cities in the province, and also quietly changed the life of daishan people.”The sea is no longer cut off, Zhoudai Bridge has become the ‘new engine’ to boost the development of daishan economic tourism.””Zhoudai Bridge road smooth, very comfortable to drive, high-speed service is also powerful, than the original ferry save a third of the time.”Daishan and Zhoushan island often back and forth truck driver Chen Jingguang said.Changhong horizontal wave, a bridge flying frame.Travel through the bridge, daishan to Zhoushan island only half an hour, to Ningbo only 1 hour.Compared with the tedious water and land travel before, high-speed self-driving has become a new way for people along the line to travel.Consistent with the situation of hot passenger flow, Zhoudai Bridge continues to improve quality and quantity, smooth and smooth road surface, clear and eye-catching signs, fine management in place, continuous optimization of service, so that passengers and passengers feel comfortable and warm heart of high-quality traffic experience.”Science and Technology Highway” escort travel, the whole bridge set 249 electronic monitoring, woven road inspection and prevention grid, bridge deck equipped with intelligent fog area active guidance and collision prevention early warning system, effectively reduce the incidence of rain, snow and fog accidents.The “Smart Highway” is convenient for people to travel, and the bridge has adopted a new mode of “ETC free flow” transaction for the whole section of the bridge. The traffic efficiency has been increased by 30%, truly realizing “one foot on the accelerator to the end”.”Tourism Expressway” service travel, the whole bridge has 5 toll stations, adhering to the core concept of “feelings of the sea, the warmth of home”, based on the “Three dai” service connotation of “Dai heart,” “Dai affection,” “Dai love”, to provide guided love service.In addition, Zhoudai Bridge ETC traffic implementation of 9 discount, give the company to see the benefits.Since the bridge opened, daishan self-driving tourism heat continues to climb, tourism inquiries.”How can I get to Dongsha Ancient Town?”In the face of the company’s questions, the shuanghe toll station tollman answered with a smile, “Hello, get off the bridge along the G526 national road straight ahead, and then turn left to enter the gaoeast line.”Based on the new starting point of “high-speed + tourism” development, each toll station strengthens the publicity and guidance of scenic spots, and helps the tourism industry along the line to deeply integrate with the production and operation of expressways.Standing at the exit of Shuanghe Toll Station of Zhoudai Bridge, you can have a panoramic view of the daxingpu Future community construction project with a planned total area of 28.8 hectares.As the first provincial future community project of Daishan, 7000 high-quality talents and industrial workers will move in soon, opening a new pattern for the integrated development of “production-city-people integration” of Daishan.Seizing the good news of zhoudai Bridge’s opening to traffic, Daishan takes measures according to local conditions and gives full play to its advantages to promote new industries, new formats and new models, focusing on the three leading industries of petrochemical new materials, clean energy and modern service industry, and driving the new engine of high-quality open development.This year 1 to February, “bridge effect” below, daishan county has introduced more than 100 million yuan of major projects 11, among them 10 billion yuan of more than 3 major projects, the city’s key projects to complete investment 7.36 billion yuan, fixed assets investment growth 15%, realize the economy “off to a good start”.Ruicheng Petrochemical, Shanghai Zhuoran, Sichuan Runhe, Zhejiang petrochemical logistics base, pilot new material industry base……As a big project landing, now daishan stride economy high quality development new journey.If we bring in, we should also go global.The completion and opening of Zhoudai Bridge has also brought opportunities for the development and growth of local enterprises.On March 28, the brand new brand of zhoushan Defa food of daishan baking enterprise with 28 years of history — “Youkou” the first store officially opened in east drum road, “relying on” the bridge successfully grab beach ningbo market.Wu Xiongyan, general manager of Defa Food, said that the bridge effect has brought unlimited business opportunities to enterprises. “Our entry into Ningbo is mainly based on the opening of Zhoudai Bridge.From Daishan factory to ningbo city is about an hour’s drive, very convenient, transportation costs are greatly reduced.”The bridge not only round the enterprise dream, but also let entrepreneurs have confidence in further doing bigger and stronger enterprises. In the next three years, Defa food plans to open 30 to 50 branches in Ningbo.Now, with the opening of Zhoudai Bridge, it not only changes the way of traveling in and out of Daishan, but also opens a new chapter of common prosperity and development of Daishan.Just past “qingming” small long holiday, many tourists take advantage of the fine weather, dai Mountain “one-day tour”.Some scenic shops also seize the opportunity, Daisy “Fengling Slope” b&B, the boss Xia Yan is dealing with the fresh seafood just bought, busy.”B&b business is much better than before the opening, mainly driven by tourists in the city, this change in popularity is brought by the bridge.””She said happily.For many island businesses, the opening of Zhoudai Bridge, fundamentally solve the “purchase difficulty” problem, so that businesses “business” read more smoothly.Fu Bihua, who has run the fruit shop for eight years, lamented, “Before, when I went to buy some fruit, I met bad weather and stayed on the dock for two days.If you can’t sell it, you have to lose it.”After the bridge was opened to traffic, the freshness and survival rate of food materials were guaranteed, bringing “good news” to the island food industry.For truck drivers running the transport route outside the county, the bridge opened to traffic, dredged the transport bottleneck, directly opened the island freight new gate.The truck driver, Zheng Jianjun, is a daishan native who has been transporting goods for nearly 30 years, often for a local fishmeal factory in recent years.Now, he finally got rid of the pain of “skywatching sports car”. “In the past, it was common to wait for 5 or 6 hours on the dock in windy and foggy weather.If you don’t make it to the boat by 8 p.m., you have to stay outside.Now I can go back and forth in a day, saving a lot of time.”The bridge all weather, truck running happy, truck drivers became the bridge era “lucky”.Transportation is one of the main ways to achieve common prosperity. When zhoudai Bridge was opened, some people used “Golden Road”, “Zhi Fu Road” and “Fei Fei Road” to describe the bridge. After 100 days of testing, these adjectives became true to the name.Upgrade from the traffic end to the important traffic node, not only is the traffic connection, but also the industrial and economic connection, Daishan relying on zhoudai Bridge into common prosperity “fast lane”, open a new journey of high quality development, the future is infinite potential.