Good Morning, Global village! 16 arrested!Police in Jiangxi have busted an overseas electronic fraud ring

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The development Plan of modern Comprehensive Transportation Hub System in the 14th Five-Year Plan has been issued recently, which specifies the construction list of about 20 international comprehensive transportation hub cities and about 80 national comprehensive transportation hub cities during the 14th Five-year Plan period.Among them, Changchang-Jiujiang, Ganzhou and Shangrao were selected as key national comprehensive transportation hub cities.2 recently, “Jiangxi Province public data management measures” approved, will be officially implemented on March 1.The Measures bring public data into the legal track and regulate the boundary, scope and governance system and mechanism of public data from the aspects of sharing, opening, utilization, security and supervision. It is the first provincial government regulation on public data management in Our province.Recently, jiujiang Ruichang police busted an overseas “pig killing plate” electric fraud gang, arrested 16 suspects, involving more than 30 million yuan.Liu, who had just escaped from a telecommunications and Internet fraud ring in northern Myanmar, confessed that it took him seven hours to climb mountains and walk into Myanmar. He was eventually driven to an “industrial park” where he was charged 60,000 yuan if he quit and tried to leave. If he escaped, he was beaten with electric batons, locked in a water prison and locked in a small black house.”I spent half a year in northern Myanmar living an inhuman life,” he says.4. According to the actual situation of road traffic in Lushan Scenic Area, the traffic control on the north-south mountaineering road will be lifted at 16:00 on February 15th, and two-way traffic will be resumed on the north-south mountaineering road (two-way traffic can be carried on the north-south mountaineering road).▲ Mount Lushan after snow.Recently, the Notice of the General Office of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism on The Management of Cultural and art Training outside the school was issued, which clearly requires that the admission of cultural and art training outside the school can not be induced by promising to pass any form of cultural and art level test or examination.2 According to the Information Office of the Cyberspace Administration of Yunnan Provincial Committee of the Communist Party of China (CPC) on February 16, an account nicknamed “Huaping Girls’ High School Zhang Guimei” on toutiao continued to publish educational information, including a number of marketing articles.After verification, the account is an impostor account, and the Network information Office of Lijiang Municipal Party Committee has shut it down according to law.16, 32 month for jiangsu suzhou industrial park, compulsory acquisition of students’ dormitory, responded that, head of suzhou industrial park to provide isolation room, suzhou industrial park, education development investment co., LTD., after requisition housing notice, not doing research and communication, hastily launched a student dormitory air handling work, cause the students discuss and discontent.The district epidemic Prevention and control Headquarters has informed the above companies to immediately stop the requisition and deal with the follow-up matters in a safe and orderly manner.4 Ukraine’s Supreme Rada (parliament) voted on 16 February to approve a law allowing Ukraine to withdraw from the Anti-Terrorism Centre of the Commonwealth of Independent States.The law still needs to be signed by Ukraine’s president and come into force when it is officially published.On February 16 local time, Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu said on social media that he had taken a novel coronavirus test on the same day and the result was positive with mild symptoms.He said he would continue to work from home.Day gas

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Today’s weather: Jiujiang, Jingdezhen, Yichun, Nanchang, Shangrao, Pingxiang, Xinyu, Yingtan, Ji ‘an, Fuzhou ten cities and Ganzhou north cloudy day with moderate rain, heavy rain in some areas, ganzhou south cloudy day with light rain.11 District city weather conditions nanchang light rain to moderate rain 4 ~ 8℃ Jiujiang moderate rain 2 ~ 8℃ Jingdezhen light rain to moderate rain 5 ~ 10℃ Yichun medium rain 5 ~ 7℃ Pingxiang light rain to moderate rain 6 ~ 8℃ Xinyu medium rain 5 ~ 7℃ Ji ‘an medium rain 6 ~ 8℃ Shangrao light rain to moderate rain 3 ~On February 17, 1973, MAO Zedong met with Dr. Henry Kissinger, national Security Adviser to the President of the United States, at Zhongnanhai.(People’s Daily Online) Be cautious about controllable things and optimistic about uncontrollable things.Today is Thursday, I wish you good morning!