Screening cervical cancer, do TCT, or HPV?Different age choice is different, increase knowledge

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Recently, the NINE-valent HPV vaccine has attracted a lot of attention in China.Many young women want to make an appointment to be vaccinated as a way of protecting women from HPV.In addition to the nine valence, there are two valence, four valence and other vaccines, can produce a good preventive effect.However, due to the number of vaccines, many people are unable to get appointments or even past the age of vaccination.To screen for cervical cancer, some women have found an alternative: a physical exam.Check up screening cervical cancer, have 2 kinds of methods, which good?There are two major screening tests for cervical cancer in clinical practice, namely TCT and HPV-DNA.The difference is that they are not the same.The former is mainly through the collection of female cervical cells for examination, to see whether cervical cells produce lesions.After cell examination, we can accurately get the results of whether the human body has cytopathic changes.It’s a very intuitive result.The cost is relatively low.The latter is mainly used to screen for HPV infection, the cause of cervical cancer.A test to see if a woman’s cervical cells are infected with the HPV virus could be used as a means of determining whether she is at risk of cervical cancer.HPV tests, by contrast, can cost slightly more.But you can rest assured that even if the two projects are checked together, the cost is about 700 yuan (there are regional differences).In order to screen for cervical cancer, it is necessary for some women at high risk to have regular screening.Screening cervical cancer, choose TCT or HPV good?Many women said that they may not be able to check so many items, can not check only one of both?In terms of screening effectiveness alone, the missed diagnosis rate for a single test is about 10 to 20 percent.If you do both, the rate of missed diagnosis goes down.Most cervical cancer screening guidelines recommend screening every three to five years.If the two items are checked together, it can be extended to once every five years.If only a single item is examined, the frequency can be maintained every three years and the risk of missed diagnosis can be reduced.In contrast, it is difficult to answer which of the two tests is good.Because their focus is different, they are applicable to different situations.But for women under the age of 25, in fact, TCT examination is better, can better screen the human body for cervical cytopathic disease and other problems.For some women who have had sex, before the age of 25 after screening HPV, in fact, self-negative rate is very high, as long as it does not develop to a high degree of infection, will not induce cervical cancer.A TCT scan will do the trick.After age 30, HPV testing is recommended.For women between the ages of 30 and 65, it is recommended to test for HPV every five years or TCT every three years as previously recommended.Such frequency and method can better screen cervical cancer.For women of different ages, there are certain differences in screening methods to prevent cervical cancer.But the safest approach, a combination of TCT and HPV testing every five years or so, is better at screening and protecting women’s health.Many women are terrified when they find out they have the virus after an HPV test.But for women with strong body immunity, they can turn negative with their own immunity, which will not directly induce cancer.Only when the human body is highly infected with HPV, and infected with high-risk viruses, the risk of cancer will be relatively high.In the detection of HPV virus infection, it is recommended to go to the hospital for HPV testing, and take regular treatment.References: 1, TCT, HPV test how to choose?Should cervical cancer screening be added?2, WHO issues New Guidelines for Cervical Cancer Screening and Treatment: HpV-DNA Test Recommended, Enhanced Screening for WOMEN with HIV/AIDS