Be an impersonal and humane principal

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Li Shimin, emperor Taizong of the Tang Dynasty, had a sister named Princess Changguang. She married Zhao Cijing and had a son named Zhao Jie. After Zhao Cijing died, Princess Changguang remarried Yang Shidao, the official of the Ministry of Civil Affairs.Later, Zhao Jie to help the crown prince Li Chenggan rebellion, the matter was exposed after the arrest.Yang Shi Dao and Chang Sun Wuji were in charge of the interrogation of the case, and were punished by Emperor Taizong for helping Zhao Jie exoneration.Taizong came to the residence of princess Chang Guang, the princess kowtowed quickly, crying to apologize for his son’s SINS.Taizong replied with tears in his eyes: “Reward does not avoid the enemy, punishment does not protect relatives, this is the world’s most reasonable, I dare not go against, therefore, I am sorry sister.”Tang Taizong killed relatives, not favouritism, not because he is the emperor can do what he wants, bad rules, which is a great shock to the officials and those who harbor evil intentions.However, from the point of view, and feel indebted to her sister, he did not blame her sister, but take the initiative to apologize to her sister, gentle attitude, every word, tearjerker, let her sister feel better, and feel that all this in the legal sense of love.There is the most familiar but zhuge Liang tears cut Ma Su, a “cut”, so that the whole army awe, so that all the people understand the military order mountain, ruthless system, must not do something wrong, do something wrong who can not save their own.A “tears”, so that people feel that the prime minister is really a good man, is really sentient, is really too concerned about subordinates.Taizong theapology to kill, and zhuge liang to kill people shed tears, is in the “kill” at the same time, and embodies a kind of love, they do so, call by gentle means do cruel things, both shows his strong iron, and illustrates their every heart, already strengthened their authority, and where the heart, already set up their own image,And warned and educated the people.Kill two birds with one stone!The truth and wisdom contained therein should bring many inspirations to our principal’s management.The principal in the implementation of the system, promote the work, the implementation of management, of course, can not be confused by human feelings and around, regardless of the close, regardless of each other, adhere to the principle, impartial, impartial, and even sometimes must be hard-hearted, under the cruel.Only in this way, teachers can enhance their prestige in confidence, maintain the authority of the system in awe of the system, and make the management happen truly and effectively.But the headmaster that do not speak, do not represent the principal impersonal, impersonal, there is no human nature, is the person in the world, the sensational, impersonal principal, it’s hard to do on teacher’s care and treatment, it is difficult to reflect the humanism and humanistic management, it is difficult to win your love and support, it is difficult to achieve vivid and validity of management.All influential principals are inhumane, but they have a strong sense of human kindness.Mr. Wang, who is about to retire, is the teacher of principal Li. One day, he was late for class because of something at home.According to the system, class always late to leave early, that month 100 yuan attendance award will be deducted.The director in charge of logistics went to Principal Li’s office specifically to plead for Wang’s favor. The result was met with a lump in the nose and 100 yuan was deducted.Wang teacher for this very impropriate, as a teacher, just because a few minutes late, not to punish, it is too impersonal, deduct money matter is small, the key is can not afford to lose this person.After more than three months, Mr. Wang retired, Mr. Li set up a family dinner to thank the teacher, a few cups of wine, Mr. Wang issued a sigh of emotion: “It seems that you have not forgotten me this old crock, you are still quite human!”Li said: “I will treat everyone equally when implementing regulations. I will not speak ‘human feelings’ to anyone, but that doesn’t mean I don’t have’ human feelings’.”Although there is only one word difference between “human feeling” and “human touch”, the truth and leadership art revealed by president Li are thought-provoking.”Tao is more ruthless than sentient beings.”Principals to achieve the unification of the “human” and “human touch”, will be tough, “iron” and “heart”, “hard” and “soft” and “rigid management” and “soft management”, will both put himself into the system, and put yourself in the emotion, is to have integrity, flat open, selfless fearless quality,Make oneself have true disposition again, have love, have to see a clump of wild chrysanthemum will heartache feelings.To be an impersonal and humane headmaster should be the orientation and pursuit of the headmaster.