Too sudden!The two banks announced that they would close the business

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Recently, two private banks have announced that they will stop the business of counter cash at business outlets, including counter cash at business outlets and ATM self-service channels.The news continues to spread during the Spring Festival, when visiting bank branches to deposit and withdraw money is regarded by many as a basic business of banks.Two private Banks close cash business on January 28, Beijing zhongguancun bank announced, as its to speed up the pace of digital transformation, and constantly increase the intensity of online business development, to provide customers with more convenient and efficient financial services, to inform the relevant regulatory authorities after, it will be closed on April 1, 2022 cash receipts and payment business,Suspension channels include counter outlets and ATM self-service channels.Customers can handle all kinds of business except cash payment through mobile APP and business outlets;If you really need cash service, you can transfer the money to another bank, and Beijing Zhongguancun Bank will not charge the transfer fee.According to Beijing Business Daily reporter from zhongguancun Bank customer service staff learned that the suspension of cash receipts and payments business means that deposits and withdrawals can not be carried out by cash, starting from April 1, customers will need to transfer cash to other banks, but non-cash deposits and withdrawals will not be affected.In early January, Liaoning Zhenxing Bank also announced the closure of counter and ATM cash services.With the approval of the People’s Bank of China in charge, the bank will stop cash businesses such as over-the-counter cash deposits and withdrawals, change exchange, damaged currency exchange, and self-service device deposits and withdrawals from March 1, 2022.You can also transfer funds through the bank’s mobile banking, wechat banking and other channels.The bank said that if customers hold its debit cards, they can continue to withdraw cash from other BANKS ‘ATMs bearing the UnionPay logo, or transfer funds through its mobile banking, wechat banking and other channels.Netizen hot discussion: how to deposit and withdraw money for the elderly?However, the news continued to gather momentum during the Spring Festival.In many people’s eyes, going to a bank branch to deposit and withdraw money is the basic business of a bank.Some old people also do not understand how to operate on the net, now suddenly announced suspension, how do old people deposit and withdraw money?Some people say bluntly, can not do general banking business, how to call a bank?Others, however, believe that this is the trend.What do you think?Source: China Fund News Editor: Chen Chen