Zhe Cheng: Seventy-year-old people celebrate the Year of the Tiger

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Henan newspaper all media reporter Yang Zheyang correspondent Wu Month Liu Hongchang Spring Festival, She Cheng County school of joy and peaceful festive atmosphere.The county cisheng town of seventy years old to poetry friends, praise the construction of the new countryside, eulogize the great Story of the Communist Party of China, soon in the old folks.On the afternoon of February 5th, an old man in his 70s came to the business department of Cisheng Sub-branch of Huanghuai Town Bank of Zhecheng. After a burst of greeting, he took out his latest poem “Butterfly Changes China” to share and communicate with the employees of the town bank.”I think it is more accurate to change the word ‘review’ into ‘review'”, “I feel it is more meaningful to change the word ‘past’ into ‘history'”, the employees of the village bank show a strong interest in liu Yanbin’s poem.”Liu teacher, ‘jin ‘ou’ is what meaning”?Liu Yanbin answered earnestly, “The Jin ‘ou is a beautiful mountain and river as a metaphor for the motherland.”After a heated discussion, “Butterfly change China” was finalized in everyone’s positive speech: the rise of China rising east, connotation sublimation appearance level beautiful.Looking back on the past fire and water deep, Yang mei long happiness today.The country is rich and the people are strong.East Asia sick man into history, wanton slaughter Hugh delusion!The 70-year-old man named Liu Yanbin was born in 1946 in Litan Village, Cisheng Town, Zhecheng County.Children born during the war and chaos remember poverty and hunger most.After the founding of The People’s Republic of China, although life was still difficult, liu Yanbin still managed to finish junior high school with his family’s best efforts.After graduating from junior high school, Liu Yanbin became greatly interested in poetry creation. He successively served as an accountant of the production team of the People’s Commune and a private teacher. Later, due to his increasing popularity in poetry creation, he was selected by the county as a correspondent for workers, peasants and soldiers.Liu Yanbin has been writing for decades, and has published many beloved poems and essays in media such as “The Old Man Spring And Autumn annals” and “Beijing Jiu Evening News”. The main representative works are: “The Memory of Noodles”, which describes the nostalgia of nostalgia;The poem “Amazing, My Country”, tells the great motherland since the reform and opening up achievements;Poetry “two sessions praise”, eulogize the spirit of the two sessions after the party’s 19th National Congress and so on.Liu Yanbin won the third prize in the essay contest of Movie-watching Student Li held by Shangqiu Radio and TELEVISION Station in Henan Province in 2019 for his poem six Movie-watching Feelings of Student Li.Liu Yanbin old man and village bank staff exchange poetry writing happy atmosphere also let the village bank to deal with business customers enjoy it, the whole business hall has been filled with happy laughter.”Butterfly changes China” after the poem exchange, Liu Yanbin said excitedly: “2021 is the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Great Communist Party of China, the 20th Party congress will be held in 2022, I also wrote a song” Welcome the 20th Party congress “yesterday, I read to you, I hope to continue to put forward valuable opinions.Good governance benevolence run successive years, Kyushu zhongxing vicissitudes of life.I am delighted to learn of the elite state guests and welcome the lavish gifts presented at this grand event.Learn history practice the original intention, keep innovation to make up for shortcomings.China rose up to pursue a new dream, the envy of the world.”Mr. Liu, the party’s 20th National Congress is not only the expectation of the old folks of Zhecheng County, but also the expectation of the employees of our village banks and the expectation of 1.4 billion Chinese nation’s children.In the New Year, we must continue to carry forward the work style of rolling up sleeves and sweat, rolling up trouser legs and wading in the mud, take root in the countryside, send a pen of agricultural loans to the fields, in order to serve the rural revitalization and agricultural support small outstanding achievements to the Party’s twenty gift!”After Liu Yanbin old man reads this poem, town bank employee said his words from the heart.