How to convert PDF into CAD drawings

2022-07-06 0 By

Author: Jiangxia science and Technology to engage in engineering users must often encounter PDF to CAD, CAD to PDF format problems.Normally speaking, CAD drawings have DWG and DXF two formats, if you encounter PDF format drawings, it will inevitably make people feel headache.To solve the PDF problem, we share two conversion methods. Let’s have a look!Jinzhou CAD converter the simplest solution is, of course, to use the format converter, here directly select the required function can be converted, very convenient.Batch conversion support, you can select all files at one time, and then click “Start conversion”.The conversion speed is fast, the effect is good, the file is processed in the form of a copy, do not worry about the original file will be damaged oh ~CAD to PDF format operation method: recommended use:Win7 / Win8 / Win10 / Win11 if you need to save drawings as PDF files to send to customers, using this CAD editor can solve it!Here support a variety of editing functions, you can meet the needs of CAD drawings editing.Learn 0 cost, easily complete complex work!Source: Jiangxia Science and Technology Product Center