The old abbot cooperated with the e-commerce “acting”, deliberately selling bird’s nest, mocking Simba, netizens: Too much

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The conflict between the old abbot and Simba, two popular online brothers, has become the biggest hot topic on KS platform recently (PS: The details of the incident have been revealed many times before).In recent “special performances”, the old abbot and Simba both said that they would distance themselves from each other and not disturb each other in the future.But fans know that the old abbot’s personality will not stop him.In addition to the major gossip anchors have voiced their support, the old abbot even more to the forefront of the storm.The most important thing is: as an online celebrity anchor, you are living on the heat, and the old abbot is no exception!Regardless of whether the conflict between the old abbot and Simba is a publicity stunt, the influence has reached an “unprecedented” height.But smart people would pick up the heat.As fans of the old abbot know, he got to where he is today thanks to his sharp language.Whoever offended the old abbot would be ridiculed by him in various ways.Different from other Internet celebrities who simply “tear up” when confronted with conflicts, the old abbot can play a new trick every time by “calling people names”.The last time he had a run-in with Simba, the abbot took up his “hobby” and released a rap song called “I’m a Businessman” to mock simba.Now that he was ready to break with Simba, the old abbot had no scruples.If the last irony left room for the other side, this time the old abbot will go to the “lung tube” completely!In a recent live broadcast, the old abbot teamed up with another e-commerce company to sell bird’s nest to mock Simba.In the live broadcast, the old abbot played the role of Simba at that time, and a series of movements were well learned (PS: you can see the picture below!I have to say, the old abbot does have talent as an entertainment anchor.The only person who can think of mocking Simba in this way is the old abbot..Everybody knows!Since his debut, Simba has been trying to sing a high profile, even setting himself up as a “farmer’s son”.But a “sugar water bird’s nest” event, so that simba’s painstaking management was destroyed once, almost became a “street rat”.It is no exaggeration to say that the bird’s nest incident was a sore point for Simba.The old abbot now moved out this incident, really can be said to “beat the snake beat seven inches”.At the same time, the old abbot’s dare to play such a game seems to show that there is no room for easing his relationship with Simba.Net red hype is nothing new, but take “black material” hype is really few.Simba wants everyone to forget about “bird’s nest in sugar water”, but the old abbot brings it up again in this way. What is it if it is not “smashing the place”?Not if you want to make up!For this practice of the old abbot, many fans of “Zhang men” are satisfied with it.At the beginning, the old abbot and Simba were friendly and suffered a lot of “grievances”, which many fans complained about, arguing that the old abbot did not need to be obedient to Simba.The old abbot had always set himself up as a “domineer”, but after becoming friendly with Simba, he completely became a “younger brother”.Now, the old abbot is the one who is “brave and courageous” in the hearts of fans. Just as a netizen commented on the platform, the old abbot and Simba can really get a lot of popularity together.After all, simba’s 90 million followers are there.But at the same time, the old abbot lost his own fans.Only the present old abbot is the one everyone likes!Different from the old abbot’s iron fans, many ordinary netizens who had previously supported the old abbot changed their attitude after seeing his operation.”The relationship between the old abbot and Simba is really one where the old abbot pays more,” one critic wrote on the platform.After the breakup, the old abbot made fun of Simba, and everyone understood.However, everything has to be measured, taking someone else’s “black dirt” as a matter of fact, it is a bit too much.We are all Internet celebrities, eating a bowl of rice, the body also have black material, but also know the “seriousness” of these things.After all, we used to be brothers, and we both said that we would “not disturb each other”. Now the old abbot is doing this again. What is it if he is not rubbing up against the heat?They say they don’t rely on Simba for traffic, they don’t rely on a conflict to make money, but they don’t.Xiaobian believes that there is no need to delve into the question of whether the old abbot has gone too far.What kind of impact did Simba’s “bird’s nest in sugar water” have?I believe that the attention of the netizens, know.In other words, even if the old abbot didn’t put on such a show in the studio, everyone remembered that the Internet has a memory.Simba can mock the abbot all he wants, so why shouldn’t he be allowed to fight back?It’s just that the old abbot uses a form that makes people more “pleasing to see”. Isn’t that what live streaming is all about?Everything must be presented in the form of entertainment.What do you think of the old abbot’s mocking of Simba?Do you think he went too far?Share it in the comments.Do not forget to click on the following if you like the Internet celebrity gossip.(Some of the material in the article comes from the network, if there is infringement, contact me to delete)