Too fast a heartbeat is too short a life!Experts recommend this

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The heartbeat is the greatest proof that we are alive.But a recent study in the American journal Cardiology found that people who beat their hearts more than 70 times a minute had a shorter life expectancy than the average person.At first listen, scared heart beat faster!What’s going on here?According to research analysis, our heart beats more than 70 times per minute can be calculated as fast, and long-term in this kind of fast heart will cause a short life span, terrible!The heart rate of ordinary people below normal circumstances is 60 ~ 100 times/minute commonly, optimal heart rate should be 55 ~ 70 times/minute.Within this range, the more heartbeats, the more likely you are to lose life.It makes sense. If your heart beats 90 beats per minute, you’re beating 30 beats per minute more than someone who beats 60. That adds up to more than 150 million beats per minute over 10 years.Over the years, the heart works too many times, which affects the life span.On the other hand, experts found that the heart rate of most athletes is slower than ordinary people, generally 50 times/minute or so, is it possible that sports can let people reduce the heart rate?For exercise options, experts recommend brisk walking.This kind of exercise can be easily mastered by anyone, and it is safer than running and more effective than walking. It can be said that the whole family can easily handle it.So, let’s go jogging together!New life iPSCs stem cells research experts vocal cord blood added new patent home and abroad Umbilical cord blood value undeniable figure | | new life network