This mid-size SUV is worth a look

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Looking for a good value car?No problem for you!Still want to buy cheap?No problem, same satisfy you!Foshan area businesses in this shop, for guangqi Acura’S ACura RDX special limited time promotion activities.Let you buy a good car at an affordable price.What is the value of eulogizing RDX to capture people’s hearts?Look down and you’ll see.Buy Acura RDX is on sale now welcome to the shop to enjoy the car test drive, professional track and test drive personnel to take you enjoy acura sports gene!;[4S] Foshan South China Sea shop – Acura shop is acura five star after-sales service station, more value extended warranty products for you to choose, let your car more than a guarantee, buy a car more assured, warmly welcome you to the shop inquiries ~ below we will take a Lao Lao ACura RDX this car in the assistant control configuration,Equipped with engine start-stop technology, front/rear parking radar, automatic parking and a series of auxiliary control configuration.It makes it easier and more convenient for us to control the car.In terms of space, the wheelbase size of 2750mm is very helpful for space, and the luggage compartment volume of 660L and fuel tank volume of 65L also make it easier to go out on a long trip.Do you want to “cut hands”, whether there is heart, heart as action, the car sales promotion is really effective, also please move the store distribution store to store test drive, address Foshan City, Guangdong Province nanhai District Guicheng Guijiang overpass southeast side;Or call the hotline: 400 phone to obtain first-hand promotional information!The event will run from February 18, 2022 to February 18, 2022