Fight break sky: think xiao Yan is the blackest black horse all the time, did not think of his little girlfriend than he return black

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Welcome to watch this episode of content, China mandou broken sky will soon usher in Canaan College, in the original Canaan College of talent, from the college is either douwang, or douhuang, or even stronger;Xiao Yan met many strong opponents and friends in it, the most important is also harvested a small purple grind, after the small purple grind but Xiao Yan side super bodyguard;As we all know, Xiao Yan stood out among many students with his own strength and finally won the 10th place in the strong ranking of the Inner College. Then do you know who the first place in the strong ranking and the biggest dark horse is? Let’s take a look.No. 10 Liu Qing bully gun Liu Qing, once ranked fourth in the strong list, and xiao Yan after a tie, two people tied for 10th.Liu Qing is the figure of a tough guy, there is a bit of small friction between liu Fei and Xiao Yan of its younger sister, bring about the acquaintance of Liu Qing and Xiao Yan not happy, but they finally passed battle and recognized the other side.Fourth Yan Hao in addition to purple Yan, strength only second to Lin Xiuya, douling peak of his inner hospital strong list, ranked fourth, and Xiao Yan had a good impression of Xiao Yan.Lin Xiuya is quite strong in the inner courtyard, and he is handsome and honest. Although he has a crush on Xiao Xuner, unlike Bai Shan and others, he has no ill will towards Xiao Yan.After follow Xiao Yan to yunlan Zong revenge, and Xiao Yan relationship has been good.Second purple yan Purple Yan in the courtyard, but belongs to the existence of bully elder brother class, has been in the strong list first, because the strength is too strong, so that Lin Xiuya and others heard her name are terrified, afraid of being purple Yan disorderly beat;Only Xiao Yan and Xiao Xuner can stop her, the others saw all want to call aunt, but in fact she is just a little girl xiao Yan took lollipop cheated away.Before xiao Yan became a dousheng, he was always inferior to Xiao Xuner.Lin Xiu cliff in her hand, and also failed to survive ten minutes, even compared with the number one cause of the purple yan, embalm son should have better, the purple yan now are mostly battle brute force, though too cologne strong body too, but the eye of son, the family must have a lot of CARDS, and enhance the strength of the secret, and her ancient clan is the most pure bucket emperor blood since one thousand,It is the blood of the divine.In the original work, when Xiao Xuner defeated Lin Xiuya, Lin Xiuya said: “I always thought xiao Yan was the blackest black horse, but I didn’t expect that his little girlfriend is blacker than he is.From this can be seen, the strength of the son with strong list of people is not a level.That’s all for this episode. If you have a different opinion, please leave it in the comments section. Thank you.