Focus on new measures to improve people’s livelihood in the transport sector in 2022

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Source: Xinhua News Agency original title: How to make platform royalty more transparent?How can older people travel Smarter?How to handle inter-provincial business more conveniently?Beijing, Feb. 24 (Xinhua) — Transportation concerns the national economy and the people’s livelihood and serves hundreds of millions of people.On July 24, the Ministry of Transport (MOT) made a response to social hot issues, such as enterprise share of new forms of transport platforms, elderly people’s travel, and the “inter-provincial joint operation” of road transport.Platform enterprises get more “sunshine”, more transparent, high labor intensity, long working hours, low sense of belonging…The protection of the rights and interests of new forms of transportation employees has always been the focus of social attention.In 2021, the Opinions on Strengthening the Protection of The Rights and Interests of Employees in New Forms of Transport and the Opinions on Strengthening the Protection of the Rights and Interests of Truck Drivers were issued, making arrangements for improving the mechanism for distributing the interests of platforms and employees and standardizing the operation of platform enterprises.There are plans on the ground and implementation on the ground.Wang Xiuchun, deputy director of the Transport Service Department of the Ministry of Transport, said that the Ministry of Transport will focus on the new forms of online car hailing and road freight, and will “implement the” Sunshine action “of taking a share from the platform enterprises of the new forms of transport” as one of the practical things that will make transport closer to people’s livelihood in 2022.In terms of online car hailing, major ride-hailing platform companies will be urged to disclose pricing rules to the public, reasonably set the upper limit of their platform’s share ratio and make public announcements, and display the share ratio of each order on the driver side in real time.In terms of road freight, major new road freight platform companies will be urged to disclose pricing rules to the public, reasonably set the upper limit of the order fee or the proportion of the subscription fee and the upper limit of the membership fee, and release them to the public.”Some time ago, we communicated with authorities in major cities and major platform enterprises, and made arrangements for the implementation of practical matters concerning people’s livelihood.”Wang said the ministry will urge major platform companies to set pricing rules, proportion and upper limit of membership fees in a scientific and reasonable way, speed up the improvement of software functions, and realize real-time display of proportion.The aging of population is one of the long-term social problems faced by China. How to ensure the convenience of travel for the elderly is also the due significance of the construction of people’s satisfaction with transportation.Elderly passengers will be provided with quick taxi hailing, priority delivery, offline cash payment and other services, and warm stations and “one-click taxi hailing smart screen” will be set up in communities, hospitals and other scenes with high demand for elderly passengers.In 2021, the Ministry of Transport will take a number of measures to actively promote transport services for the elderly.”This year, on the basis of the work in 2021, the ministry will take into account the elderly’s travel needs in taxi, bus and other aspects, and will ‘implement transportation service suitable for aging’ as a practical matter closer to people’s livelihood in 2022.””Wang Xiuchun said.From the point of view of specific measures, Wang xiuchun said that in terms of taxi hailing, we will further promote the promotion of cruise taxi call service, improve the online taxi “one-button call”, telephone call function and service response.In terms of public transportation, we will build urban tram service lines that respect and love the elderly, add 10,000 low-floor and low-entrance urban tram lines across the country, promote age-friendly transformation of urban tram platforms, equip subway stations with wheelchair boards, and provide convenient conditions for elderly people to travel.Promoting cross-provincial government services is an important way to transform government functions and improve government service capabilities.In 2021, smooth progress was made in the inter-provincial implementation of high frequency matters in road transport, and this work will continue in 2022, and further improve the quality and efficiency of services.Handling channels continue to enrich.Wang xiuchun said,Road transport drivers from job seniority card replacement high frequency service items such as the five “across the province to do” now through the national government service platform website, the Ministry of Transport WeChat public number, Internet web side road transport for the convenience of government affairs service system, road YunZheng high-frequency matters “do” free net phone WeChat small programs and “express” five unified national entrance, such as mobile phone AppRealize 7×24 hours online management.Online operation is more convenient.Wang Xiuchun said, operating drivers, especially long-distance truck drivers, no matter where, when, through mobile phones or computers on the Internet to apply for road transport qualification “cross-province do” business.We will continue to improve our services.The organization and preparation of easy to understand online handling guide, special training for middle-aged and above groups, guide employees to “online will do”, at the same time to improve the cross-provincial coverage and convenience.”Up to now, 598,000 road transport drivers have been qualified for high-frequency services, with a 96.9 percent completion rate.””Wang Xiuchun said.Editor in charge: Liu Chuan