I think my boyfriend Lee Sun-bin is the first person to climb the mountain

2022-07-09 0 By

Climb a mountain to think male friend Li Shan-bin is also the first person han drama “drunkard city woman” derivative reality program “mountain city woman” yesterday (11 days) start, look for dramatic heroines Li Shan-bin, Han Shan-gang, Zheng En-di to act, 3 people will visit mount Korea a lot of famous mountains.Lee Sun-bin mountain climbing to see the beauty of the feeling and frankly want to go with his wife (Lee Kwang-su).Han Shanbin mountaineering experience more than Li Shanbin, Zheng En, govinda had been pushing for captain led everybody, Li Shanbin think physical strength is bad, be inoculated remind sisters “often lie down on the hills,” said they would take off more teams, Zheng En, Han Shan were listening says it will not wait for her, she worried about sisters madness in pettish, hope they don’t leave yourself go first.Seeing the beautiful scenery, Lee Sun-bin suddenly said, “AFTER this, I want to come with my loved one.”Zheng Endi replied, “So you don’t love us?”Lee sun-bin replied, “Love, love, love,” and she joked, “Can I answer that?” Although she did not say who her lover was, Lee sun-bin had already openly admitted his love for Lee Gwang-soo several times. The three talked about their feelings, and their attitude was quite natural.The show even asked Lee, Is it because the person you love is the ideal person?Eun-di believes that the ideal and the lover are often different, and Lee sun-bin said, This is very true.If you want to be beautiful, be beautiful