The Jinyuan Branch of the Public Security Bureau launched a campaign of “sending blessings and writing Spring Festival couplets” in the year of the Tiger

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“Chinese New Year, paste Spring Festival couplets” is the Chinese nation thousands of years of continuation of the traditional folk.On the eve of the Spring Festival, the Public Security Jinyuan Branch invited Sina painting and Calligraphy Channel, the Professional Committee of Shanxi Professors association and the Shanxi Branch of Beijing Contemporary Calligraphy culture and art to jointly hold “send blessings and write Spring Festival couplets” activities.On the occasion of the New Year of the Tiger, the artists of painting and calligraphy walked into the police camp and sent New Year’s greetings to the police.Police calligraphy enthusiasts and artists who participated in the activity wrote with ink, and the whole event was filled with a warm and peaceful festival atmosphere.A piece of red fu word, red couplets to the hands of the grassroots police, Spring Festival couplets both farewell to the year of the Ox, welcome the year of the tiger to bid farewell to the good vision of the new, also have peace, auspicious, harmonious development of the inspirational singing.A festive auspicious, sending out ink Spring Festival couplets to the police camp added a lot of flavor, for the police camp added a thick cultural atmosphere.Pay attention to the public number to find more exciting content