Why can’t you work for a relative’s company?These three points tell you the answer

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Kobayashi, 28, left his previous job a year ago.He hopes to change his career to the promising pharmaceutical industry in the past two years.After a job search, Xiao Lin did not immediately get the offer, not income is not satisfied with the location is not satisfactory.His family saw that he was not successful in finding a job, so they contacted Zhang, a relative who runs a business, to see if Zhang could give him a job opportunity.Zhang always see in the sake of relatives, also very readily agreed to come down.Lin had communicated with his family that he planned to work for a relative’s company at first, but a close friend later urged him not to work for a relative’s company.Xiao Lin will listen to my opinion, why relatives can not go to the company?My personal views on this are mainly as follows:First, go to work in a relative company is easy to be labeled as “relationship” to work in a relative company, unless the confidentiality work is particularly good, the probability is to be known by other employees.I used to work in a state-owned enterprise. Every time a nepotistic newcomer came in, the hr department kept it a secret, but it didn’t take long for everyone to know.And nepotism, the label that they’re labeled, is definitely “guanxi.”These three words are not so simple, but they mean “weak ability, connections get opportunities” and so on.For example, a few years ago, one of our employees competed for a job as a department manager, and rumors began to spread that he relied on family connections to get extra attention.In fact, the employee was really competent and could have done the job well, but he was being pointed at just because of his title.Two, go to work in a relative’s company easy to make the relationship become not pure before the workplace spread a joke: husband and wife two people in partnership to run a business, do do divorce.Although this is a joke, but to some extent also has a certain practical significance.The couple is originally very loving, but once the relationship is mixed with work interests, the relationship is not so pure.There will be more suspicion and distrust between the two parties, and the working relationship will also affect the life relationship more.Husband and wife will be divorced, let alone ordinary relations.Take the case of Xiao Lin and Zhang Zong, Zhang Zong used to be more polite to Xiao Lin, because in life, he is not a boss, not the leader of Xiao Lin.But once Kobayashi went to the other side of the company to work, the task is not good or caused by zhang dissatisfaction, then negative evaluation is more normal.Zhang can criticize Lin at the meeting, and Lin will have a bad impression of the boss’s relative.If it is an ordinary company to work, you have to do not happy, can resign at any time, the probation period three days in advance.But in a relative’s company, even if you are unhappy, it is not easy to leave.After all, this opportunity was given to you by the other person, and you have a relationship in your life, so it’s a shame to leave.In some cases, forcing yourself to leave can cause a complete breakdown in the relationship, and the other person will no longer treat you as a relative.But if you don’t leave, it can be very uncomfortable or delay your career.I once had a friend who was working in a relative’s company with a monthly salary of 5000 yuan, but didn’t get a raise for three consecutive years. It was not until he heard that the same position in the market offered a monthly salary of 10,000 yuan that he realized that he had to quit his job.And write that you can’t work at a relative’s company?Of course, you can go, but you must consider the above three risks.Otherwise, it’s too late to get into trouble and regret.